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Next year’s Philippine midterm elections are fast approaching and it paints an all too-familiar image once again: candidates that are ei...



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Word of Thanks



Here's the detailed comparison of Presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump and the so-called "Donald Trump of the East", Philippine President Rody Duterte.

The following are our sources:

Duterte's interview at SMNI TV Show:,9171,265480,00.html

Flags Backgrounds courtesy of

Trump caricature is courtesy of:
Hello, everyone.

On this installment of the Word of Thanks, I would like to  thank everyone, especially my loyal readyers, for the continued support of my projects.

SOON? Not anymore. The PoliTikalon Blog TV has already gone online.
Thanks for our colleagues in the US and SIngapore for making me one of its first contributors for the newly-launched news AI website, Visit some of my articles, here.

The largest and the most ambitious project we've ever done so far is the The PoliTikalon Blog YouTube channel.

As of this writing, we've managed to have about 900,000+ minutes of view time. It has also been shared for almost 3,500x. Since its start early this year, we managed to acquire more than 500 new subscribers. Salamat po sa inyo!

Also, I would like to thank the Pinoy voters for making my Compilation of 36 Mock University Polls article viral. I have published it a night before the elections and after four days, the multitude of views made it one of my Top 10 most read articles ever. Salamat!

And because we have already elected our new president, President Rodrigo Duterte, let's just hope for the best as we do our best for the true change that is to come. Mabuhay po tayong lahat.
In this entry, we will try to analyze who, among the presidentiables, is the “King or Queen of the Philippine Universities”; based on how many of the university students have voted in the various university mock polls nationwide.

We have analyzed more than 30 separate polls, and more than a hundred thousand votes to come up with the infographics.

A short disclaimer first:

1. If the total percentages don’t add up to 100%; most of the time, those are the unaccounted percentages of those who: a) abstained, or; b) those percentages which belonged to the previous candidates who were either disqualified or have been withdrawn from the presidential race.

2. The surveys here are those that we have researched from verified URLs only.

3. If the conducted poll covers two months, we would consider it to have been conducted on the latter month.

4. All of these surveys are conducted from November last year up to the last week of April.

All of the photos here can also be viewed via Facebook by clicking here.
So, here is the average percentages of those polls:

And here are the infographics of all those universities and colleges with the corresponding sources.

It can be noted that nearly 20% of the Philippine population is composed of young people with ages 15-24. Garnering a large number in the so-called “youth vote”, would obviously be an advantage for any candidate for the coming elections.

The wrap on millenials is they just are not politically-motivated. They do not show up or that they care more about their smartphones than they do on who’ll be the next president.
But these mock polls show the opposite.  

What is your take on this? Who’s the leading presidentiable at your school? Please comment your thoughts below.

 (#4) Hon. Dr. Felix Diosdado R. Lumang
Vice Mayoralty Candidate
Guimba, Nueva Ecija

  • Medical Director, General Surgeon, Owner of Guimba General Hospital, Inc.
  • Sangguniang Bayan Member (2013-2016)
  • Committee Chairmanship; Public Information, Cooperatives and Developments, Human Rights

Educational Background
  • Passer, Philippine Board of Medicine (1991)
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology Far Eastern University – Manila
  • Doctor or Medicine (1985-1984)
  • Pre-Dentistry, University of the East – Manila
  • Salutatorian, Sta. Catalina Academy
  • First Honors, Luna Elementary School

Work Experience
  • Medical Director, General Surgeon, Owner - Guimba General Hospital, Inc.
  • Surgery Department-Consultant - Premiere General Hospital, Inc. (1998-2005)
  • Paulino J. Garcia Medical Research and Medical Center
  • Consultant – Surgery Department (1998-2005)
  • Eduardo L. Joson Memorial Hospital
  • Consultant – Surgery Department (1998-2005)
  • Paulino J. Garcia Medical Research and Medical Center
  • General Surgery Department – Resident (1994-1998)
  • Lumang Medical and Surgical Diagnostic Clinic
  • Private Practitioner (1995-1998)

Memberships and Associations
  • Philippine Councilor’s League, Nueva Ecija
  • Philippine Colleges of Surgeons
  • Philippine Medical Association
  • Accredited PhilHealth Professional
  • STD Asia Association

  • Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator, Knights of Columbus
  • Founder, Knights of Columbus Choir
  • Mariology Catholic Organization, Lion’s Club
  • Commentator/Host of “OK Ka Doc! Gamutang Bayan Usapang Pangkalusugan”, Radyo Natin Guimba 105.3FM
  • Major Sponsor, Haranista ng Guimba

Passed Legislations Authored:
1.   SB M Ordinance 16-S2013 Anti-Smoking Law to all Public Places
2.   SB M Ordinance 17-S2013 People’s Council (Sanggunian ng Mamamayan)
3.   R.A. 3019 – Anti-Graft and Corruption Law
4.   R.A. 9485 – Anti-Fixer Law
1.   Libreng PhilHealth sa Kapitan, Kagawad, Tanod, BHW, Lahat ng mga nanunungkulang opisyal ng Barangay habang nanunungkulan.
2.   Walang dagdag bayarin sa community lying in Hospital na may PhilHealth card ng Four P’s, NHTS, Senior Citizen, ayon sa batas.
3.   Libreng konsulta, gamot, laboratory, X-ray, ECG
4.   Paglalahad ng pinagkakagastusan ng kaban ng bayan sa matataong lugar (munisipyo, simbahan, palengke, atbp.) sa pamamagitan ng tarpaulin na mababasa (Transparency Law)
5.   Paglalagay ng CCTV camera sa lahat ng sangay ng munisipyo
6.   Ibalik ang burial assistance (P10,000) para sa mahihirap na walang kakayahang magpalibing o bumili ng kabaong.
7.   Paglalaan ng pondo ang pagpapabakod sa Guimba Public Cemetery.
8.   Pagkakaroon ng sariling ambulansya para sa Sangguniang Bayan
9.   Paglalaan ng budget para sa automatic GENSET (Generator) na sapat sa boltahe para sa pamahalaang guimba.
10.               Kios machine (GSIS) para sa maglo-loan.
11.               Bigyan ng sapat na pondo ang kooperatiba, may kapansanan (PWD)

12.               Ibigay ang tulong/benepisyo na P2,000 para sa Senior Citizen na namatay (R.A. 9257)