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Word of Thanks



Here are my ten compiled reasons why one should enroll at one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines  - our glorious Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology. (For the requirements on how to enroll check out MSU-IIT’s website here).



Definitely one of MSU-IIT’s pluses; various scholarships offered by sponsors are recognized and accepted by the university. Some courses offer no tuition fee with stipend for students belonging to the Top 150 passers of the MSU-Special Assessment Student Examinations (MSU SASE).

An academic unit only costs Php 100 ($2). No wonder why a lot of foreign students choose our alma mater.


To live with its commitment, MSU-IIT offers students a wide array of more than 115 academic programs, which include 43 graduate programs in a variety of fields including education, business, arts and humanities, engineering, information technology, the natural sciences, and mathematics.

Students are given opportunities to collaborate with more than 400 distinguished full-time faculty members passionate about teaching, research, extension, and community development.

MSU-IITian graduates proudly wear their graduation gowns.


MSU-IIT has the largest concentration of doctoral and master’s degree holders in its faculty, more than any university or college in Mindanao. I even remember my teacher, Dr. Hilton Aguja joking about IIT “having the most doctoral degree holders in the world… per square kilometer”. (IIT merely measures 14 hectares).

The university currently has a total of 557 members in its faculty as of 1st Sem., AY 2010-11 composed of (96 Doctoral degree holders, 304 Master’s degree holders, and 157 Bachelor’s degree holders). MSU-IIT offers total of 116 academic programs (10 Doctorate, 35 Master’s, 2 Graduate certificates, 47 Bachelor’s degrees, and 22 Diploma).


MSU-IIT has an effervescent research environment, too. There were a total of 65 researches: 17 were completed, 39 on-going, 9 newly started 6 big studies were actually funded. Research results and papers delivered by faculty members in national and international fora were published in national and international journals and monographs for wide dissemination.


One hundred thirty (130) extension projects were conducted by different Academic Units as well as by the Department of Extension in Iligan City and Lanao del Norte. An example would be the Department of Political Science’s Sagip-Aral Project which helps poor but deserving elementary students living near the city landfill. Another extension project of the said department (where I belong) is the Bayug Mangrove Project which aims to plant and nurture new mangroves that would serve as abode to aquatic wildlife on Iligan City’s coastlines.
Political Science students planting mangroves on the coast of Bayug Island.

For Mindanao’s peace and development, Institute of Peace and Development for Mindanao (IPDM) is the most effective and productive Peace Center in the entire MSU System and in the academic institutions of Mindanao.
Student volunteers distributing relief goods for the Lanao Conflict in 2008.


MSU-IIT is the only academic institution in the country with the most vibrant, nationally recognized, and successful SC Coop. The MSU-IIT Multi Purpose Cooperative now has 11 branches, 28,000 members and a half billion-peso-asset.


The vicious Math 17 of MSU-IIT finally shows in one of the students' Facebook account.
One of the measures to determine the quality of a university is the success of its alumni. Although we don’t know what many of the IIT alumni are doing today or where they are now, the ones that we hear from or whose employers keep in touch with us have very impressive performance.

The following is the list of the MSU IIT Alumni and the following Facebook Groups that convenes for the Annual Alumni Homecoming every July 12. You may click the various divisions to redirect you to its respective Facebook page.

This proud MSU-IIT alumna wears her tee on Davao City's Kadayawan Festival.


It would seem like a mistake for the university not to have topnotchers for the engineering licensure exams each year. May it be in Ceramics, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical, and Metallurgical Engineering – MSU-IIT always is in the topnotch universities’ cluster.

We also had topnotchers in business administration courses, and education. Name it, we have it. Mylene Macumbal of MSU College of Law – Iligan Extension who was at the Top 2 on the 2009 Bar Exams, was also a topnotcher in the CPA Exam at this university. I also remember Miss Irene Te, ranking second in the CPA exams a few years back. Just recently, Dr. Ryan Balili received the international Gallieno Denardo physics award for his work on semiconductor optics.

And who would not forget MSU-IIT’s debating stint two years ago? MSU-IIT’s all-girl team defeated University of Santo Tomas and the University of the Philippines in the televised Frankahan Debate Championships at ANC. On January 28, 2009, IIT won against UP Diliman in the Frankahan Debates in ANC.


MSU-IIT’s College of Arts and Sciences is home to Palanca Award winners. Yearly, the university hosts the Iligan National Writers Workshop (INWW) which started almost twenty years ago gathering fellows all over the country for close mentoring. It is now sanctioned by the National Center for Culture and the Arts.

MSU-IIT also houses its resident choral group, the Octava Choral Society. To further promote distinct Mindanao Filipino culture, its resident dance troupe, Kalimulan.

MSU-IIT is also home to the world-renowned Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG), a “leading Philippine dance and theatre company whose world-acclaimed productions integrate the dance, music, and arts traditions of the South where it is based. IPAG has represented the Philippines in over 100 cities worldwide, and is today Philippine Theatre's most-performed and  most-traveled performing group”. Founded by Dr. Stephen Patrick Fernandez, the guild tries its best to constantly streamline the Filipino culture and arts programs to figure prominently among the most elite clusters.
A shot on one of the Maguindanon heroes depicted in IPAG's play, "Hapoy daw Uwahig"
For institutional awards and recognitions, MSU-IIT has a lot to brag about. The institute has been working hand-in-hand with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for more than a decade now.

IIT is the Center of Excellence in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry; Center of Development in Physics and IT; Center of Excellence in Teacher Education; Best HEI Research Program for Region X (Biodiversity Research Program (BRP)); Center of Development for Excellence in Information and Communications Technology; Center of Development in Ceramics, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical, Metallurgical, and Material Science Engineering; and in Biodiversity Conservation and Management, College of Science and Mathematics by the Haribon Foundation.

MSU-IIT is the Zonal Research Center for Regions XII, IX, & ARMM. It is also the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Learning Hub for Northern Mindanao; Virtual Center for Technology Innovation – Microelectronics based on the standards of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

The University has these accreditations statuses from the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP): Level II Re-accredited for all programs of the College of Arts and Social Sciences; Level II Re-accredited for College of Education (Secondary Teacher Education, Industrial Teacher Education, and Physical Education) (Elementary Teacher Education Candidate Status); Level II Accreditation for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; Level I Accreditation (Candidate) for all other Engineering disciplines; Level I Accreditation for all programs in Business Administration.
My "Mother College": The College of Arts and Social Sciences
In addition to that, MSU-IIT also is one of the four universities in the Philippines that has a Haribon Foundation Academic Center of Excellence in Biodiversity. The university is a member of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) and 2007 KAPATID Award (KAPATIRAN SA INDUSTRIYA, Employees Confederation of the Philippines ECOP) Finalist. It has a National Computer Center (NCC) Training Arm in Northern Mindanao. In Information Technology, MSU-IIT is the only one in the country whose in-house-developed IT applications (e.SMS) are used by other public and private colleges and universities.

According to the CHED Evaluation in 2003, IIT is the most qualified to be University among fourteen colleges/institutes applying for conversion. MSU-IIT has long reached a level of accomplishments and development to deserve becoming a full-fledged and independent university which constantly fuels the yearly bills proposed by congressmen for its separation from the MSU System.

MSU-IIT has been declared as regional and national Top Performing School by the Professional and Regulatory Commission in Licensure Exams in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering (For producing topnotchers, for 100 % passing percentage, or for higher percentage of passing than the national average).

In 2008, The MSU-IIT College of Education ranked number one in the Philippines being the Top Performing School in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Board. IIT bested other education schools such as UP Diliman and St. Louis University in Category A with 10-99 examinees. We are currently the Top 2 Performing Nursing School in the Philippines with 96 out of 97 passers.


In all the lists presented on Dr. Isagani David Cruz’s critique entitled “Ranking Universities” published on The Philippine Star last August 4, MSU-IIT figures consistently among the TOP 10 (line by line with the traditionally best UP, Ateneo, UST, and La Salle) The forty-two (42) year old MSU-IIT is the “youngest” on the list of Philippines’ top universities.

… And with or without looking at the World Rankings, it is but apparent. Basing on the institute’s wide-ranged success, MSU-IIT is one of Philippines’ strongest universities to reckon with.

Crime is not just the kind of thing we see in the evening news. It is as real as it gets and it doesn’t even choose its own victim. It seems that there’s no safe place anymore; crime happens in the streets, in public places, or even in the hallowed spaces of our homes.

On the information released by the National Police Commission, 106 in 100,000 people are victims of crimes in the country. The most common crime incidents are robbery, theft, physical injuries, and murder.

While poverty has often been the cause for the commission of crimes, sometimes it can also be political. Crimes reach astronomical rates during the election all over the country; from Jaen, Nueva Ecija in Luzon, or even down south to Ampatuan, Maguindanao. We don’t even have a working 911 emergency response system (aside from Davao City).
Does poverty justify one's commission of crime?

On the recent statistics, recent crime rates have been increasing at a quick rate of one percent per annum. The reason for such increase is due to the low budget on our police force. According to the NaPolCom, the State was only able to provide a total of 188,000 policemen in the country. It means that one 1 cop is in-charge of 750 Filipinos; far from the advisable 1-in-500 civilians.
Without sufficient budget; it is clear that we won't have a quality police force.
In a TV interview, forensic investigator Dr. Raquel Fortun, stressed that there’s a need for the PNP’s modernization; and that evidence should be the utmost basis and not on the witness testimonies in sifting the truth from the lie of crimes. Material evidence, the thing that “does not lie,” should be given importance. She also questioned the police forces’ competence. She said that most policemen don’t even memorize the Miranda Rights or even differentiate the terms “manslaughter” or “murder”.
There is a need for PNP's modernity.

On the same line of analysis, the law has proven to be outdated that has to respond to the call of the times. Some provisions on our laws are directly lifted from the Spanish Code even having provisions on now-defunct duels. Some of our laws of which are even based on the American laws of 1930s have penalties that should also be updated.

But perhaps the most apparent of the problems in the country’s judicial system is its very sluggish pace. Normally, a criminal case lodged in court takes an average of 5years, 2 months and 11 days before it is resolved in the words of human rights lawyer Al Parreno on a report on extrajudicial killings. The trial period alone takes an average of 3years, 7 months and 25 days. There are a total of 562,068 pending cases sitting in the highest court of the country. Out of this number, only 18,436 were currently resolved.

While there are some non-governmental organizations (like Iligan’s Call For Justice) which help unjustly persecuted detention prisoners find bail for their temporary liberty, our system still lacks people who render legal aid. On the data collected by the Public Attorney’s Office in 2005, there are only 964 Public Attorneys in the country which is 1 in 88, 174 Filipinos. Because of this, people jailed for minor offenses, while awaiting the resolution of their cases, end up spending more time in jail than what the penalty for their crimes call for.

For the worst, some minors are even incarcerated together with adult rapists and murderers in some of the Philippines’ correctional institutions. This deliberate contradiction to the Juvenile Justice Law was even featured in Ditsi Carolino’s internationally-acclaimed documentary entitled, “Bunso”.
Justice or "Just Tiis"?
While it is true that an accused could easily avoid detention by posting bail, poverty excludes this as an option on the eyes of the poor. This “purgatory”-like situation can be like hell for most detainees.  Allowing people to be detained for minor offenses, even though they have not yet been found guilty before a court, seems to defeat the purpose of due process.

It has often been said that “justice delayed is justice denied”. And the unbelievable slow pace of our judicial process is but contrary to the constitutional pledge on one’s “right of person to speedy trial”. Clearly, reforms have to be made to maintain a sound equilibrium between crime and justice in the Philippines to prevent the scenario from playing out over and over again in the country’s jammed prison cells.
 Here's another compilation of my Facebook wall posts.

Another batch of satirical statements, mind-tickling jokes, notions, doubts, opinions, beliefs, assertions, assumptions, mockeries, sarcasm, silliness, and other forms of bluster.

For the benefit of my blog readers who don't have the luxury of checking out my Facebook posts, I've compiled my monthly posts, these were my posts for the month of November last year. I hope that you'll enjoy the hodge-podge of these ideas and I urge you to share your comment about the posts since one can't click "Like" here.

November 30

Natuwa ako nang makita kong nakasabit sa isang sikat na boutique shop: "New Arrivals!". Pero nalungkot din ako ng nakita kong punit-punit at luma na ang streamer na iyon.

Kung halimbawa, ikaw ay masugid na tumataya ng lotto sa halagang 1,000 kada taya. At nanalo ka sa ika-1,000 mong pagtaya. Hindi ba't parang niloloko mo lang sarili mo kasi nabawi mo lang ang 1 milyong nagasta mo. Mga punto: 1) Talaga nga bang ganoon kadaling manalo sa lotto? 2) Kapag nanalo ka naman [base sa halimbawa], hindi ba't tataya ka pa rin ulit... at magbabakasakaling manalo ulit?

November 27

Kung sinasabi nilang 99.99% germ-free, nasaan ang the other .01% ng germs?

November 20

Each of us are distinct in our own way. UNIQUE as we call it. We are all unique. If we'll really think about it though, we'll realize that the proposition defeats itself. If each one of us are UNIQUE, then each one can't be unique because ALL OF US are unique.

November 11

Many people have the combination of the following illnesses: diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.

November 8

Ang sabi ng Matanda sa Bata: "Bata ka lang, Wala ka pang magagawa".
Ang sabi naman ng Bata sa Matanda: "Matanda ka na nga, Wala ka pa ring nagawa".

January 28

Ang ganda daw ng beach kasi yung sand daw ay puti. Pero kung titingnan talaga ng malapitan. 'Di naman talaga ito white. Siguro dirty. Or yellowish.

January 25

Ako ay may lobo.'Di lumipad sa langit. Kinagat niya ako.

Heaveno. Hello.

So much to learn in a short period of time.

I can wet forever.

Wouldn't it be nice kung ang mga hayop ay nakakapagsalita?
Tao: Tao po!
Aso: Aso po!

Advertisements are everywhere. Imagine, nakasulat "Welcome to Barangay Magsaysay" pero ang liit lang ng print, mga 90% ng karatula ay brand ng softdrinks. Nguni't mas masahol pa rin ang mga tarpaulin ng mga politiko. :-)

January 24
Bakit nga ba tayo nananalamin sa tainted window ng kotse?

January 21

How real is real? How true is true?

Hindi ba't 'di pwedeng mag-park ng kotse sa Children's Park? Ang ibig sabihin ba nito ay ang kotse lamang ng mga bata ang pwedeng i-park doon?

Nakakainis minsan ang mga nakasulat sa ating mga kinukonsumo. Ngayon lang, nang akmang bubuksan ko ang sachet ng kape, ang nakasulat ay: OPEN HERE. Sabi ko naman: Eh 'di siyempre naman, DITO! Alangan saan ko pa bubuksan? Sa Zimbabwe eh gusto ko nang humigop ng mainit na kape!

Ano ang pinakamalalim na Bisaya ng "sasakyan"?

A sharp mind and a sharp tongue don't belong in the same skull.

January 18

There's no such thing as an old joke. Maybe you have just heard it before but nonetheless, for those who've heard it for the first time, it's always new.

Nakakatuwa. May mga horroscope pa rin ngayon na hindi updated AT hindi alam na 13 na ngayon ang mga zodiac signs. Hula ko, HINDI NILA NAHULAAN 'YON.

Nang nabasa mo ito ay may pianong tumugtog sa background ng utak mo.

Imposible na yatang ma-trace ang pinagmulan ng isang tao sa kadahilanang ang ating mga ninuno ay palaging may magkabilang side: maternal at paternal. Kaya't congrats na lang kung kaya mong ma-trace hanggang kay Adan at Eva. Or in either case, kina Noah. :-)

Mag-ingat sa bungee jumping kapag sobra ang haba ng lubid kasi magiging "suicide" na iyon.
Paano kaya kung naging matanda na ang mga artista?Malagyan nga ng "Lolo" at "Lola": Lola Lady Gaga. Lolo Akon. Lolo Timbaland. Lola Taylor. Lolo Bamboo. Lola Charice. Lolo Iyaz. Lolo
Manny Lola Britney.


Nasubukan n'yo na bang makinig sa musika. Na sa sobrang ganda ay halos mawala kayo sa inyong ulirat. Na para bang sa isang saglit ay nawala ang inyong kamalayan?

Sabi nila boring na daw ang Facebook. Ang sabi ko, "Hindi. Baka yung profile mo, yung status mo, yung pinanggagawa mo sa Facebook ang boring". In short. Ikaw ang boring.

A.P.T. - Anak ng Pobreng Toot.

Kapag hindi ba kayang bayaran ng pamilya ng hinostage ang mga kidnappers, sana naman i-consider nila ang option na hulugan (installment). Pareho lang naman din yun ah. Mababayaran din. Kaso matatagalan nga lang.

Pickuplines: Hi, I'm a computer engineer and I have a hard drive.

January 17

I don't believe in fate. I want to believe that I am in control of my own life.

January 14

Dahil sa sobrang murà, napamurá si Mura.

Ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin kapag ikinumento ng isang tao sa Facebook ay "?" lang?

Mahirap ba talagang intindihin ang isang bagay o sadyang tayo lang ay mabagal umintindi?

Hindi ko alam. Pero medyo naririndi 'yung tenga ko kapag nakakarinig ako ng pag-pronounce na "Manelà" imbis na Manila or Maynilà. Wala man siguro'y problema kung Bisaya basta nindot ra pud ug diction bitaw...

'Pag ang isang tao ay nalasing na, sinasabing mayroon na siyang TAMA. Sa iba naman MALI raw at kasalanan ang pag-inom. Ano nga ba talaga ang pag-inom, Tama o mali?

Kung minekaniko ni Monico ang makina ni Monica, ang sabi ko: "Talaga, may makina si Monica?"

Palaisipan: Ano ang pwede mong ilagay sa isang bagay upang mabawasan ang timbang nito?

January 11

In the Philippines, the word "gay" is often referred to as a noun.

Isang kumpetong pangungusap sa Tagalog na gamit lamang ay dalawang letra o isang pantig lamang. "Bababa ba?"

Bakit hindi kasali ang okra at patatas sa kantang "Bahay Kubo"?

Naranasan n'yo na bang makakita sa daan ng walang laman na tetrapak o aluminum soda can habang naglalakad? At ano'ng ginagawa? Tinatapakan ko agad ito para maging flat as it makes a funny noise. It makes me feel so strong. :-)

January 9

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A clove of garlic keeps the aswang away. Using the same logic, it means 7 apples and 7 cloves of garlic keeps both the doctors and the aswangs away for a week.

Kinakailangan mo ng isang-LAKSAng LAKAS sa pagpapa-KASAL nang 'di um-AKLAS at ma-SAKAL.

January 8

Naranasan n'yo na ba? Kapag may kaharap kayo at may dumi sa mukha, sasabihin n'yo sa kanyang may dungis 'yong mukha niya. At 'di niya halos mapahid ng tama kung saan talaga ang dumi? :-)

Ano kaya ang repleksyon ng dalawang salaming magkaharap sa isa't isa? :-)

Dapat nang ihinto ang pagpapalipad ng mga balloons tuwing may okasyon. Kasi lahat umaabot sa langit. 'Di na tuloy tayo matanaw ng Dios mula doon. :-)

Naalala n'yo ba nung ikinasal sina Tintin Bersola at Julius Babao? Ang TV coverage yata na iyon ay pinamagatang, "Ang Tintin ni Julius".

Sa ugaling pang negosyo, minsan pag may nakikita akong taong nakangiti, naiisip ko na malamang mayron siyang ipinapabili.

Kung tutuusin, may dalawang lugar lang talaga sa mundo. Dito at Doon.

Bakit kaya ang isa sa pinaka-common na apelyido sa Korea ay Park?

Naranasan n'yo na bang managinip na nananaginip daw kayo? Tanong ko lang: Ano rin kaya ang napanaginipan mo? :-)

Unlimited calls daw. Pero after a day, na-e-expire din pala. Pano 'yun? Eh 'di ibig sabihin may limit pa rin ang "unlimited"...

January 7

In history, there are no if's. How about "if and only ifs"?

January 4

Ibang klase ang habit ng mga rabbit ng mga Hobbit.

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