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HOUSTON, Texas - Super Bantamweight Champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire, Jr. successfully retained his belt versus the feisty four-division Mexican champion Jorge Arce in an ecstatic pro-Mexican crowd in third round with 2:59 remaining.


At the first, both checked upon each other with sporadic punches. But Donaire made his presence felt by releasing his right punch 1:59 in the early ticks. Arce seemed not to be aggressive on the first round which Donaire exploited especially with 32 seconds left.

On the second round, Arce felt Donaire’s power again in 1:50 and was down in the canvas which looked like a slip. ‘El Travieso’ Arce was able to stand up quickly and released his aggressiveness but the quick Filipino tactician simply danced out of trouble.

The whirlwind third round came with an obvious more aggressive Mexican pugilist on the prowl, taking Donaire down which seemed like a mixed martial arts move. But with 46 seconds left, Donaire unleashed a series of combinations which started from solid right hook that send Arce reeling. A fazed Arce got back and bravely stood up again after his second knockdown. But on the dying seconds, the quickness of the Filipino pugilist seemed too much, as Donaire launched his vicious right hook sending the Mexican veteran to the canvas to end the match.

It was Donaire’s fourth win for this year and was seen by many as a vindication from last week’s loss of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to Juan Manuel Marquez on Pacquiao-Marquez IV. It can be remembered that Donaire dropped Arce in 2:59; the same time Marquez also KO’d Pacquiao last December 8. Donaire improved his record to 31 wins with 20 knock outs and one loss.

Arce announced his retirement immediately after the match.

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MGM Grand, Las Vegas – In a very anticipated fight that would go to the history books, Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez has successfully redeemed the past three controversial confrontations against the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao by knocking him out a second left in the sixth round in the non-title welterweight fight. “El Dinamita” Marquez improves his record to 55 wins, 6 losses, with his 40th K.O. win over the dubbed “Mexi-cutioner”.

On the first round, it was a seizing up moment for both fighters, although the Filipino pugilist was apparently quicker in bobbing and waving. Pacquiao had a lot of lateral movements to the always stalking Marquez.

On the second round, the Filipino’s ring generalship can obviously be seen with the Filipino edging Marquez with straight left in 1:45, and 1:20 ticks. The third round was a shocker as Marquez unleashed a quick solid right straight to Pacquiao’s face in about 1:05 to go.

In the fourth, Manny appeared stronger due to his knockdown in the previous round. Pacquiao continues to go in and out of the master-counterpuncher Marquez. In the fifth bell, with 1:42 remaining, Pacquiao unleashed a left hook to the attacking Mexican boxer; it caught the right side of the face which sent the latter down to the canvas.

On the sixth round, just when everyone thought Pacquiao regained his momentum as the knockdowns were already even, Marquez responded in a great fashion. With one tick before the end of sixth round, Marquez released a snappy solid right counter-hook to conclude the fight. Pacquiao’s body had a very hard fall down the canvas; obviously knocked out cold – a sight seen for the first time in a long time in his career since 1999.

Many now question whether Congressman Pacquiao should continue to fight in the ring due to his lack of edginess in the last few fights he’s had. But in an interview immediately after the fight, Pacquiao confessed that he became confident after gaining the momentum in knocking Marquez down in the fifth. “It’s part of the fight; sometimes we win, sometimes we lose”, the gracious champion added.

Márquez noquea a Pacquiao en sexta ronda*

MGM Grand, Las Vegas - En una pelea muy esperada que iría a los libros de historia, luchador mexicano Juan Manuel Márquez ha canjeado satisfactoriamente en los últimos tres enfrentamientos polémicos contra el filipino Manny Pacquiao del boxeo icono de noquearlo un segundo a la izquierda en el sexto asalto en la pelea de peso welter sin título en juego. "El Dinamita" Márquez mejora su récord a 55 victorias, 6 derrotas, con su 40mo KO conquistar el llamado "Mexi-cutioner".

En la primera ronda, fue un momento agarrotamiento para ambos peleadores, aunque el púgil filipino era aparentemente más rápido en balanceándose y moviendo. Pacquiao tenía una gran cantidad de movimientos laterales al acecho siempre Márquez.

En la segunda ronda, el generalato anillo filipino, obviamente, puede ser visto con el filipino borde recto con Márquez dejó en 1:45, 1:20 y garrapatas. La tercera ronda fue una sorpresa cuando Márquez desató una derecha rápida sólido directamente al rostro de Pacquiao en alrededor de 1:05 para ir.

En el cuarto, Manny parecía más fuerte debido a su caída en la ronda anterior. Pacquiao sigue yendo dentro y fuera de la Márquez master-contragolpeador. En la campana quinto, con 1:42 restantes, Pacquiao desató un gancho de izquierda al boxeador mexicano atacar, sino que cogió el lado derecho de la cara que envió a este último a la lona.

En el sexto round, justo cuando todo el mundo pensaba que Pacquiao recuperó su impulso a medida que las caídas ya estaban incluso, Márquez respondió de una manera grande. Con una garrapata antes del final de la sexta ronda, Márquez lanzó un derecho ágil sólido contra-gancho para concluir la pelea. Cuerpo de Pacquiao tuvo una caída muy fuerte por el lienzo, obviamente noqueado - un espectáculo visto por primera vez en mucho tiempo en su carrera desde 1999.

Muchos ahora se pregunta si el congresista Pacquiao debe seguir luchando en el ring debido a su falta de nerviosismo en los últimos combates que ha tenido. Pero en una entrevista inmediatamente después de la pelea, Pacquiao confesó que se convirtió en confianza después de ganar el impulso de golpear a Márquez en el quinto. "Es parte de la lucha, a veces ganamos, a veces perdemos", agregó el campeón gracioso.

*Translated Article via Google Translate.

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by: Michelle L. Aban

JR Gonzales: Here's a post-Sendong article written by The Nexus staffer, Michelle L. Aban of the Mindanao State University College of Law - IIT Extension. All prayers for everyone to be safe as a Typhoon Bopha (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Pablo) enters the country.

"Signal number 2 hits here in Mindanao!"

A thick knot hits deep in my stomach. I felt so scared. My heart stopped for a moment and my lungs skip a breath. This is the first time in the longest time that I've experienced a storm invading our little City. I could not remember the last time we've had this intense kind of weather. Rains pouring down on our rooftops like bullets fired in armalite rifles and the winds gushing so damn hard as if the roof above us is about to fly. Lights flickering on and off just like in a horror movie and the environment is freezing cold. It's been raining so hard for hours and my mind races sporadically of the possibility that sooner or later the lights will die out since my internet connection unexpectedly got terminated (for the first time!). Then the worst thing happened, as the dawn breaks in on the 17th of December last year, shocking numbers of casualties were reported.

That was how it felt like after having experienced for the first time a surging tropical cyclone which turned into a full pledged typhoon and wrecked havoc in the City of Waterfalls. Although my elder sister’s family who hailed from Orchids Subdivision were greatly devastated for having her entire house and lot completely wiped out, still I am thankful to the Almighty that she and the rest of my family are safe. 

However, I feel for those who lost their loved ones and up to now are still looking for their family members who are missing. It was heart-pounding and we were all grieve-stricken of the aftermath brought about by Sendong. May this incident be a lesson to all of us to stay vigilant and to conserve Mother Nature. May our own Disaster Risk Reduction Management be more prepared in instances like these. 

Once is enough. It all depends on us for if we won’t take heed on this then pretty sure a repeat on this is certain to happen. And if we’re that stubborn, perhaps Sendong won’t only be the name we won’t forget.

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