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Author's Note: This article appeared in Rappler website. You may read it, here.

I was born and raised in the Mindanao Island. My paternal grandparents are originally from Iloilo while my maternal grandfather is from La Union. I came from the lineage of the so-called “migrant-settlers” during the migration of the people from Luzon and Visayas in the early 1900s.

Mindanao had been my cradle for more than two decades. I grew up in a predominantly Christian town of Tupi, in South Cotabato, where I rubbed elbows with Muslims and Lumads. I was lucky to be born in a place where cultures co-exist despite diversity.
But as I grew older, I came to realize that this part of the archipelago has a lot of issues. I realized that in some part of island, political and religious tensions are rife. When I stepped into college at the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, it was then that I came to know more about the so-called “conflict” in the South on a deeper level.

You see, my Mindanao is one of the richest in terms of natural resources. Aside from securing almost the country's iron reserve, it also produces over half of the country's total pineapple, corn, coffee, copra, cocoa and abaca products. In fact, my home province of South Cotabato is home to a various fruit plantations and mining ventures. But despite these godsends, some parts of Mindanao remain poor. The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is where the highest poverty rates are, the lowest literacy rates, and the least access to health and education.

The reason for the “Mindanao conflict” in the South is deeply intertwined with various factors such as the colonial legacies and a scrawny central government. After the colonization by the foreign powers, much of our Muslim brethren were displaced and dirt poor. Add to that the proclivity of some ‘Christian’ Filipinos to discriminate Muslims (and Lumads) which gave them the idea that they’re being left out. This fueled the separatist movements, led by radical leader Nur Misuari, which started in the 1960s.

The Filipino media’s attention on the island was not of help, either.  For the longest time, Mindanao has landed in the news for all the negative reasons: kidnappings, terrorist bombings, and violence.

That is why I always cry foul when the Manila-centric media does not care to specify the town affected - and lazily labels the scoop as “Mindanao”. This irresponsible style of reporting gives the impression that the whole island, in all of its 26 provinces and 6 administrative regions, is erupting in violence.
It only seemingly becomes a concern when there is a threat in national security. And this is actually one of the reasons why I blog, why most of my Mindanaoan netizens blog: we try to provide positive alternative news that is rarely published in the dailies. We believe that bringing out positive and truthful news in the open is one of the best ways of letting other people know that change is happening and that there is still hope.

Author's Note: Please click here for the second installment of this article.
Author's Note: This article has appeared in Rappler. You may read it, here.This is the second part of the article. If you haven't read the first part, you may read it first, here.

Living here in Mindanao, I see events unfold with my very eyes which all the more made me realize how important this issue is. Over the years, insurrections and skirmishes taint our mountains. And these wars did nothing but watered the land with crimson blood and took the lives of the rebels, the soldiers, and the civilians.

In 2008, I volunteered to go to war-ravaged towns in Lanao del Norte days only after the towns were attacked by rebels. It was a horrible sight: houses were burned, and townspeople were displaced to the evacuation centers. This same feeling of grief gripped also me last year when I visited Barangay Rio Hondo, in the infamous “Zamboanga City Siege”. It has been estimated that the conflict for the past four decades has already resulted to about 150,000 casualties. Filipinos are fighting their fellowmen – this has to stop.

In college when I was a youth volunteer for the distribution of relief goods in war-ravaged towns in 2008.

Since the advent of the separatist movements, several programs of the government were devised but to no avail. This country witnessed botched attempts and half-baked agreements to secure peace. From the 1976 Tripoli Agreement, 1996 Peace Agreement and the 2008 MOA-AD, it did almost nothing regarding the plight of Muslim Filipinos. It seemed that “genuine” peace remains as elusive now as it did then.

But come to think of it, peace has always been something that both the Christian migrant-settlers and Muslims wanted. I remember what Associate Solicitor General Karl Miranda told me last year. He narrated to me that during the months before the infamous “all-out-war” of the Estrada Administration in 2001, he and some government statesmen, went to Camp Abu-Bakr in Maguindanao.

The front part of Sta. Barbara Elementary School in central Zamboanga City is tattered by bullets from the siege.

And what struck him was that when they went there, top MILF officials hugged them and welcomed them in peace. A question lingered in his mind: why is there conflict if both of the parties’ ultimate goal is peace? But if we all wanted peace, why has it become so elusive in Mindanao?

That is why the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), last Wednesday, is such a historic moment. Accordingly, the structure is different from the ‘debased’ ARMM. The new agreement provides for a bigger assembly lead by a Chief Minister not popularly voted but by the Assembly. Other changes are also regarding the wealth-sharing and Bangsamoro having its own police force. A more devolved tax system will also be given shape. But of all these features, I believe that the most important result of this is that it promotes lasting peace.

Muslim Filipinos in Manila celebrating the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro last Thursday.
Sure, there are people quite skeptic about the entire idea. In an interview with former Senator Nene Pimentel, he told me that the problem is that the agreement is “non-inclusive” as other insurgents were left out. There’s also the possibility of more ‘breakaway’ groups. Others academicians believe that it would just be the same as the ARMM.

But actually, the signing of such comprehensive agreement may yet be the easy part. The true challenge is to provide Filipino Muslims the fruits of good governance. If the new entity remains to be a mere writing where the same dynasts rule, I fear that it would not lead to a lasting peace.

Leadership, particularly getting better leaders, is part of the solution. So will capacity-building and institution-building. I believe that a new breed of Muslim leaders, visionaries, and intellectuals will be the catalyst for change. And ultimately, as long as the conditions at the grassroots remain the same, real peace will never be achieved.

We need to recreate the “culture of peace”. We need to wipe out our baseless prejudices and instead have a tolerant mindset towards people of other ethnicities. We can focus on what is important, try to understand each other, and find our common ground – instead of looking on where we differ. If we strive to treat other people like a brother, treating each other justly and fairly, there would be no conflict and the rest follows.

Our country, like a human person, is an integrated whole. When one part of the human body is sick, the rest suffer. On a similar note, if Mindanao remains mired in conflict, then any aspirations for the Philippines’ long-term economic and social development well remain as castles in the air. Without a sense of Filipino nationhood; we would not succeed.

While it is true that the future remains to be uncertain, I believe that the only choice for us is peace. That is why I am supportive of this current progress on the Bangsamoro. That is why I am still hopeful for a peaceful Mindanao. And that is why I would like to see things unfold for the betterment of my fellow Filipinos in this lifetime.
1, 174 out of 5,292 examinees or 22.18 percent passed the 2013 Bar Exams.

The topnotchers are the following:

1st Place: Nielson Pangan, UP (85.8%)
2nd Place: Mark Oyales from UP

and Dianna Wilwayco from ADMU
3rd Place: Rudy Ortea, University of Batangas;
4th Place: Eden Mopia, UP;
5th Place: Tercel Mercado-Gephart, University of San Carlos;
6th Place: Manuel Sarausad, University of Cebu;
7th Place: Katrine Suyat, San Beda College-Manila;
8th Place: Tiu, Jr., U.P.
9th Place: Marjorie Fulgueras, ADMU;
10th Place: Cyril Arnesto, U.P.

The complete list (in alphabetical order) of those who passed is shown below:

 1. ABAD, Anna Fe L
2. ABAD, Katrina Nessa M
3. ABAD, Philip L
4. ABALOS, Mermalyn Hannah C
5. ABANDO, Laura Jean L
6. ABARENTOS, April Wye M
7. ABELLA, Fritzie D
8. ABENOJA, Hazel Angeline Q
9. ABLAN, Ronie T
10. ABLOG, Maychelle S
11. ABRAGAN, John Bryan S
12. ABRENICA, Reyben B
13. ACAY, Jodea Brendalyn R
14. ACEBU, Carlos D
15. ACEVEDA, Arlene C
16. ACHA, Mae Ann S
17. ADAO, Ma. Alice E
18. ADARNA, Ernest G
19. ADRID, Michael Angelo D
20. ADUNA, Fritzie Jane A
21. ADVINCULA, Paula Elize A
22. AFAGA, Johnber B
23. AGOCOY, Joycie M
24. AGRA, Joel C
25. AGUILA, Erasto Miguel D
26. AGUSTIN, Redentor M
27. ALAMPAY, Beatrice S
28. ALAO, Lemeregin S
29. ALBAN, Norlee C
30. ALBANO, Errol L
31. ALBARECE, Rhona B
32. ALBAÑA, Angeli P
33. ALBERTO, Julianne S
34. ALCALA, Marijo V
35. ALCANTARA, Nequito Alejandro B
36. ALCARAZ, Jesse S
37. ALCORDO, Nikki T
38. ALDANA, Daryl C
40. ALFONSO, Krissel E
41. ALI, Michael Mito-on J
42. ALIH, Abdel Aziz T
43. ALMORA, Aileen T
44. ALONZO, Jason L
45. ALONZO, Randolph F
46. ALTEZ, Czarina May C
47. ALTONAGA, Vedalyn M
48. ALVARADO, Sarita G
49. AMBATALI, Eliezer P
50. AMBRONA, Venus B
51. AMOR, Maria Auxilliadora Libertine C
52. AMPATUAN, Bai Saudia Shahara B
53. ANACAN, Realyn R
54. ANANORIA, Catherine A
55. ANARNA, Alston Kevin A
56. ANBOCHI, Francesco Benzon P
57. ANCHETA, Aster Mae A
58. ANDES, Jay M
59. ANG, Hannah Stephanie Y
60. ANG, Jennelyn Charme M
61. ANG, Nathalie S
62. ANGA-ANGAN, Mary Grace D
63. ANGANGCO, Bernadette Marie G
64. ANGELES, Darwin P
65. ANGELES, Diana Rose M
66. ANGLUBEN, Van Homer M
67. ANTENERO, Vicvie D
68. ANTEOLA, Garizaldy H
69. ANTONIO, Angela A
70. ANTONIO, Laila R
71. ANTONIO, Regatta Marie A
72. APADA, Jemar B
73. APDUA, Arnold A
74. APOSTOL, Kristienne O
75. AQUINO, Lex T
76. AQUINO, Terese Ray Anne O
77. AQUINO, III, Amado P
78. ARAGONES, Christine Marie D
79. ARANAS, David Anthony B
80. ARANETA, Yasmin Therese P
81. ARAVILLA, Jose Felipe P
82. ARAÑA, Roel B
83. ARAÑEZ, Charo P
84. ARCE, IV, Marcelino C
85. ARDINA, Sheena Lorraine O
86. ARELLANO, Zoraida P
87. ARENAS, Dianne Katrine S
88. ARNESTO, Cyril G
89. ARRIOLA, Ethel Joy F
90. ASONG, J.p. Leo F
91. ASTURIAS, Jose Manuel V
92. ASUNCION, Archie Edsel C
93. ATIENZA, Leandro Rodel V
94. ATILANO, Patrick Jason P
95. ATIS, Jainito-roi C
96. AURE, Lelila G
97. AUSTRIA, Ramil G
98. AVELINO, Ma. Vanni Fe C
99. AVESTRUZ, Kirk D
100. AXALAN, Mikko Angela C
101. AYCO, Karina Kirstie Paola R
102. AZIS, Anisah C
103. BACAL, Christie Joy G
104. BACANGAN, Almary A
105. BACOMO, Devie J
106. BADI, Carla Mae E
107. BADILLES, Cielo Maris S
108. BAGA, Noel M
109. BAGO, Horace J
110. BAGUISI, Alain B
111. BAHJIN, Tishreen I
112. BAJAO, Hannahbee Grace R
113. BALA, Carlo D
114. BALAHADIA, Jesa Anne Carla E
115. BALAMBAN, Keith Wally Y
116. BALANI, Roshni V
117. BALAO, Bernadette Faustine C
118. BALAQUIAO, Eleanor N
119. BALBOA, Jasper C
120. BALDOS, Jennifer C
121. BALIAT, Aurea Belen P
122. BALICOCO, Waynie Mae P
123. BALIGOD, Maria Nadine Concepcion V
124. BALINO, Kristy Jane M
125. BALLEBER, JR., Alfredo L
126. BALTERO, Kenneth Brian D
127. BANZON, Mark Lawrence V
128. BANZUELA, Analyn F
130. BARAOIDAN, Kimberly Joy L
131. BARATA, Edmund N
132. BARBA, Diana Gay T
133. BARRIENTOS, Carlo Gerard DC
134. BARRIENTOS, Michael Oliver P
135. BARTOLOME, Jemimah Estelle T
136. BARUC, Ace Daryl D
137. BASCO, Shayne Anne R
138. BASCON, Dexter George P
139. BASCUÑA, Ross Raphael T
140. BATALLA, Christian Jesse G
141. BATIMANA, Joanness S
142. BATTAD, Geoanne Christi D
143. BAUL, Magher S
144. BAUTISTA, Alvin A
145. BAUTISTA, Jonathan Allen S
146. BAUTISTA, Manilyn R
147. BAUTISTA, Maria Francesca V
148. BAUTISTA, Vera Marie H
149. BAYALAN, Alfierri E
150. BAYAN, Nerissa Q
151. BAYANI, Madeleine F
152. BAYNOSA, Freddie Ii H
153. BEADO, JR., Antonio B
154. BEDAR, Hanifah D
155. BEJAR, Kristel Ann-marie A
156. BELDEROL, Katleya Kate M
157. BELEN, Genevieve D
158. BELLO, Maria Remedios L
159. BELLOSILLO, Nikki Magdalene A
160. BELTRAN, Richard Henrick I
161. BENTREZ-BANCILO, Joshelle Ruth C
162. BERGONIA, Sherly Ann R
163. BERNABE, Jebert Benedict J
164. BERNARDINO, Antonio Jose P
165. BERNARDINO, Crisela L
166. BISANG, Juliett Isabel P
167. BLACK, Dominique Deborah D
168. BLASCO, Leana Mae M
169. BLEZA, Maria Keala Mae M
170. BOISER, Marisol M
171. BOJA, Marilda J
172. BOLANDO, Reagan A
173. BOLANIO, Jesrel E
174. BOLIVAR, Joy B
175. BOLLER, Jian Paulo P
176. BOLOS, Marie Nickie H
177. BONILLA, JR., Wilfredo T
178. BONO, Camille E
179. BONOAN, April Jade A
180. BORIGAS, Mickel M
181. BORRACHO, Merachelle R
182. BORRES, Kristoffer Alexis N
183. BRAÑA, Arleigh Joyce A
184. BRILLANTES, Francis James G
185. BRIONES, Jan Derric P
186. BUADO, Maria Edsie V
187. BUCOY, Julio Cristo PG
188. BUENAVENTURA, Kenneth A
189. BUGTAS, Chika E
190. BULIYAT-BENCIO, Celeste Roxanne
191. BUNAG, Jan Nicklaus S
192. BUNANIG-ODON, Kathryn Joy I
193. BUSANGILAN, Mira Ciele S
194. BUSTAMANTE, Blesie May P
195. CABAHUG, Christian Marko D
196. CABALUNA, Sedfrey L
197. CABANILLA, Ana Flouressa Y
198. CABATU, JR., Rodolfo S
199. CABRAL, Arthur Jake E
200. CABUNGCAL, Ana Pamela G
201. CABURNAY, Arjane V
202. CADAG, Ma. Carmen A
203. CAGAMPAN, Joyce Anne O
204. CAINDAY, Kathlyn Jane B
205. CALABOCAL, Erickson L
206. CALDERON, Alex D
207. CALDERON, Francesca Isabelle G
208. CALDERON, Ma. Sherlyn D
209. CALIMBAS, Monica D
210. CAMARILLO, Robert August C
211. CANAPI, Cheryl P
212. CANCINO, Krisyl M
213. CANTO, Frances Ianna S
214. CANTOS, Cathrine P
215. CAPACIO, Jane Angel V
216. CAPACIO-LIRIO, Denise Fe R
217. CAPILI, Van Joseph F
218. CAPIRAL, Joshua Paul C
219. CAPUNGCOL, Edelyn L
220. CAPUNO, Maria Evangeline B
221. CARBONELL, Wilfred M
222. CARCEDO, Harvey L
223. CARDENAS, Mark Lester D
224. CARPIO, Peter Lloyd D
225. CARPIO, Phillip Nelson F
226. CARRASCO, Margeline T
227. CASARES, Madonna Lyn E
228. CASAS, Neil Jason T
229. CASIMIRO, Gizela Grace D
230. CASIMIRO, Lara Mae D
231. CASIPIT, Marq Jonathan C
232. CASIPONG, Alfred S
233. CASPE, Lourdes Anifel B
234. CASTAÑEDA, Harmon V
235. CASTAÑEDA, Kimberly L
236. CASTILLO, Cherry Mae M
237. CASTILLO, David Anastacio G
238. CASTILLO, Jether Jireh A
239. CASTILLO, Norberto V
240. CASTILLO, JR., Cenon C
241. CASTILLON, David F
242. CASTOLO, Camille Maria L
243. CASTRO, Alexandra C
244. CASTRO, Jose Julius R
245. CASTRO, Josefa Gertrudis D
246. CASTRO, Patricia Marie Frances D
247. CATABONA, Mark Arthur M
248. CAYETANO, Jeanelyn D
249. CAYETANO, Karen R
252. CAÑETE, Charnem B
253. CEBRIAN, Kristian Oliver P
254. CELDRAN, Leo Mario C
255. CELESTINO, Mark Brian R
256. CEREZO, Arianne Y
257. CERVANIA, Krystle K
258. CHATTO, II, Efren Dominique M
259. CHAVEZ, Anna Fatima R
260. CHAVEZ, Margarita Luisa F
261. CHIL-ANG, Marichu C
262. CHING, Cherry Christine S
263. CHIO, Judy-mae G
264. CHIONG, Kester Orville T
265. CHUA, Antonio Francis G
266. CHUA, Christine Jean O
267. CHUA, Jingle L
268. CHUA, Jordan Mae T
269. CIMAGALA, Alexis N
270. COLES, Nat King C
271. COLOBONG, Moises Ronette C
272. COLOMA, John Patrick S
273. COMPUESTO, Jiselle B
274. COMSTI, Gianna Maria C
275. CONCHA, Kathleen Kaye G
276. CONCHA, Kristoffer Francis Jacob C
277. CONDEZA, Ernel C
278. CONGSON, Blessy Marie Angela C
279. CONTI, Maria Kristina C
280. CORALDE, Maria Aimer A
281. COROLLO, Graziella D
282. CORONACION, Maricel C
283. CORONEL, Jerome I
284. CORPUZ, Habeas M
285. CORPUZ, Mercy C
286. CORTEZ, Ailyn L
287. CORTINA, Anezka Danett G
288. CORTON, Gerald Peter P
289. CORUÑA, II, Isagani C
290. CRESPO, Joseph Kahlil P
291. CRISOLOGO, Frederick William D
292. CRISOLOGO, Nico Carlo M
293. CRUZ, Dan Joseph T
294. CRUZ, Dandy L
295. CRUZ, Esther Rhoda S
296. CRUZ, Michael Joseph D
297. CRUZ, II, Benjamin Jeremias B
298. CRUZ-CAÑETE, Jill Cindy L
299. CU, Roxanne F
300. CUE, Katrina Ayn Ayza F
301. CUREG, Ryan P
302. CUSI, Erika Estel G
303. CUSTODIO, James Corwin S
304. DABA, Robert James T
305. DABALOS, Nerissa Ann P
306. DABAO, JR., Philip Gerard P
307. DACULUG, Roque D
308. DADIVAS, Christine P
309. DADULLA, JR., Ramon J
310. DAGALANGIT, Rahabansa L
311. DAMASCO, Fidela S
312. DAMASING, Glenn D
313. DASAYON, Climark D
314. DAVID, Kristin Kay S
315. DAVID, Manuel Jeffrey N
316. DAVID, Patricia S
317. DE CASTRO, Diana Jean C
318. DE GUZMAN, Elaine P
319. DE GUZMAN, Francis Ron C
320. DE GUZMAN, Gabriel Paolo L
321. DE GUZMAN, Jhoanna Mariekar V
322. DE JESUS, Gianna Corrine D
323. DE JESUS, Joeben T
324. DE JESUS, Joseph Georg Michael D
325. DE LA CRUZ, Clarisse Ann Marie M
326. DE LA CRUZ, Maria Cecilia A
327. DE LA CRUZ, Rosella Jan G
328. DE LA PAZ, Lauren Anne M
329. DE LEON, Jose Miguel B
330. DE LOS SANTOS, Dave Bernar L
331. DE MESA, Jena Christine E
332. DE PAZ, Marvin Lester N
333. DE RIVERA, Kristienne Kamille E
334. DE TORRES, Marcella Alita D
335. DE VERA, Elaine L
336. DE VERA, Ina Beatriz R
337. DE VILLA, Macario M
338. DE ZUZUARREGUI, Anthony R
339. DECLARO, Ruth Agnes D
340. DEDALA, Francis Ysmael M
341. DEJARESCO, Antonio Marlon Eric I
342. DEL ROSARIO, Dan Mitchel C
343. DEL ROSARIO, Jaime P
344. DEL ROSARIO, Margarita Isidora S
345. DEL ROSARIO, Maureen Grace J
346. DELA CRUZ, Alexis Ian P
347. DELA CRUZ, Catherine G
348. DELA CRUZ, Keefe Eldrik A
349. DELA CRUZ, Marie Angeli V
350. DELA CRUZ, Maureen G
351. DELA PASION, John Paul A
352. DELA ROSA, Catherine D
353. DELA TORRE, Ivy Lou S
354. DELEÑA, Ma. Blesilda B
355. DELIMA, Josie W
356. DELIS, Ma. Phoebe G
357. DELORINO, Rene A
358. DELOS REYES, Roxanne Katrin M
359. DELOS SANTOS, Sherwin R
360. DENATE, Martin Crisostomo Q
361. DIASANTA, Mel Jun A
362. DIAZ, Magelli Anne DL
363. DIAZ, Rona April D
364. DICHOSO, Joseph M
365. DINIAY, JR., Dionisio C
366. DINOY, Keel Achernar R
367. DIOQUINO, Arwin F
368. DIWAS, Kristofferson D
369. DIWAS, Rhenan G
370. DIÑOZO, Ramona R
371. DOCTOR, Erwin Jake C
372. DOCTOR, Maan Vanessa L
373. DOMINGO, James Cristopher D
374. DOMINGO, Miguel B
375. DONSOL, Ma. Carolina P
376. DOROTAN, Maria Gabriela C
377. DOYAOEN, Annette L
378. DUEÑAS, Joan Roshen M
379. DULAWAN, Vivian M
380. DULNUAN, Ruby Anne L
381. DUMAGAN, Menchie V
383. DUMLAO, Rhondee E
384. DUQUE, Bernice Michelle N
385. DUROPAN, Ramie Felmon P
386. DY, Diana C
387. DY, Eli Daryl S
388. EBREO, Alvin H
389. ECHAUS, Adrian Jude G
390. EDRADA, Andrew Ian P
391. ELEAZAR, Jonna Lou A
392. ELMAN, Jenika H
393. EMBAY, Christine Grace P
395. ENAD, Ann Marie M
396. ENAD, Wendel M
398. ENRILE, II, William R
399. ENRIQUEZ, Rowena S
400. ENTERINA, Ian M
401. ESCOLANO, Richard Dale V
402. ESCOTO, Sharon R
403. ESCUETA, Hana Kamille A
404. ESPANILLO, JR., Domingo M
405. ESPENILLA, Mark Anthony G
406. ESPERAS, Erika Mariz V
407. ESPINA, Hazel D
408. ESPINO, Donato V
409. ESPINO, Ric James G
410. ESTACIO, Zachary J
411. ESTEMBER, Philip Louie H
412. ESTERNON, Karen Jenny E
413. ESTOPERES, Mary Antonette A
414. ESTRELLA, Maricor D
415. EUGENIO, Rodelyn Gay G
416. EUROPA, Rose Celine R
417. EVANGELISTA, Jose Paolo M
418. EXIOMO, Jeffrey P
419. EXTRA, Sheyna Marie M
420. EZPELETA, Candy U
421. FABELLA, Joanne Marie C
422. FABRIGAS, Delfin, Jr. S
423. FABRO, Howard B
424. FAJARDO, Diana S
425. FAJARDO-ONG, Alma D
426. FANTILANAN, Jahziel P
427. FELONGCO, Emerson J
428. FERAREN, Fermin Maylene B
429. FERMIN, Doreen Grace R
430. FERNANDEZ, Angelica P
431. FERNANDEZ, Catherine M
432. FERNANDEZ, Charity T
433. FERNANDEZ, Trisha Isabelle F
434. FERNANDO, Francis Paul N
435. FERNANDO, Ronald Thomas L
436. FERONEL, Leonardo A
437. FERRER, Luzell Z
438. FLORES, Michael Angelo V
439. FONACIER, Karla Flor D
440. FORTEA, Natassia L
441. FOSTER, Analiza G
442. FOSTER, Kimberly D
443. FRANCISCO, Justin James D
444. FRINAL, Nelyn B
445. FULGUERAS, Joel E
446. FULGUERAS, Marjorie Ivory S
447. FUMERA, Robert G
448. GABALDA, Rusella G
449. GABUNAS, Divine Grace B
450. GABUYA, Ryan R
451. GACUTAN, Michael Aaron P
452. GALA, Steven Michael D
453. GALAGALA, Kim P
454. GALIMBA, Jordan R
455. GALING-LUNA, Moera Joy N
456. GAMBOA, Avril Elaine U
457. GAMBOA-CASTRO, Cherry Grace Z
458. GAMIAO, Leo Anthony M
459. GAMONNAC, Abigail D
460. GANDO, Ace Arvin V
461. GANIR, Leigh Angelie A
462. GARAY, Stephanie G
463. GARCIA, Carlos P
464. GARCIA, Charlene Lorena D
465. GARCIA, Jasyrr J
466. GARCIA, Jemimah Grace N
467. GARCIA, Maria Ara H
468. GARCIA, Marvin P
469. GARCIA, Zharmai C
470. GARCIA-DELA CRUZ, Anna Katrina L
471. GARCIANO, Maria Corazon D
472. GARDE, John Edmar G
473. GASATAYA, Jorelyne L
474. GASPAR, Ma. Teresita J
475. GATUS, Maria Roldeliza L
476. GAVINO, Jeriel T
477. GAVINO, Romir David B
478. GAVIOLA, Alan Byrne S
479. GAYAGAY, Michelle B
480. GAYDA, Philip Jason G
481. GENERAL, Smith P
482. GENESELA, Jozzyl T
483. GERONIMO, Armida A
484. GESMUNDO, Franchesca Abigail C
485. GESTOPA, Gevina V
486. GILDO, Casilda P
487. GO, Dennis O
488. GO, Faith P
489. GO, Jan Claude Patrick P
490. GO, III, Joseph M
491. GOLONG, Kenneth M
492. GOMEZ, Jhoann D
493. GOMEZ, Ma. Eliza Christine C
494. GONZAGA, Maria Jonika Y
495. GONZALES, Andrea Monica V
496. GOTOHIO, Stanley L
497. GRAN, Majken Anika S
498. GRAPILON, Raul S
499. GUERRERO, Mia Rustiel M
500. GUEVARA, Juliet Marie M
501. GUEVARRA, Joan Carla V
502. GUIAO, Abraham P
503. GUIDORIAGAO, Erma Marie R
504. GUILING-MATANOG, Ayesha Hania B
505. GUILLEN, Angelo Karlo T
506. GUNAY, Fredelyn S
507. GUTIERREZ, Emmanuel B
508. GUTIERREZ, Myron Dei A
509. GUZMAN, Angela Y
510. HABACON, George Matthew T
511. HADUCA, Marvin Edgar R
512. HAJIM, Al-zhoheir H
513. HALILI, Ma. Fe M
514. HAN, Stefano Dong Chul C
515. HANS, Jaimmie C
516. HERNAL, Gian Carla V
517. HERNANDEZ, Christopher M
518. HIDALGO, Phoebe Corazon C
519. HIDLAO, Hadji Hrothgar O
520. HIPOLITO, JR., Cesar B
521. HONORARIO, Christopher B
522. HUMIWAT, Gemale P
523. ICASIANO, Charles David A
524. ILAGAN, Cindy A
525. ILAGAN, Roju Sandino A
526. IMMOLIAP, Kendall Pung-ao T
528. INOT, Leofel F
529. INOTURAN, Sophia P
530. INTONG, Iris Joy Consolasion C
531. IPIO, Raymund L
532. ISLES, Vincent S
533. ITO, Anwar M
534. JACINTO, Markova I
535. JACOB, Vanessa D
537. JAMACA-UNO, Jedyl E
538. JAMORA, Raymond Francis Maria C
539. JANGAD, Nowyn-hope A
540. JASARENO, Ramil F
541. JAVIER, Jonathan A
542. JIMENO, JR., Cecilio M
543. JO, Jonathan C
544. JOCSON, Jenefer G
545. JONTILA, Jansen I
546. JOSE, Jefferson D
547. JUADA, Kristine Anne P
548. JUICO, A. Rafael C
549. JULIAN, Clarissa Anne Q
550. JULKIPLI, Mohammad Al-amin M
551. JUMALON, James A
552. JUNASA, Djoanivie Jomare A
553. JUNIO, Isabela Rose Jane B
554. JUNIO, Mary Joy P
555. JURADO, III, Cicero D
556. KAW, Alison Katrina Georgina T
557. KEH, Katherine C
558. KEMPIS, Kenneth M
559. KHAN, Donelle T
560. KHO, Sophia M
561. KHOLOMA, Sharon P
562. KING, Jeremy P
563. KING, Karl Edward C
564. KINTANAR, Krisza Joy P
565. KWOK, Maris Donna G
566. LABAJOSA, Michael John B
567. LACSON, Audrey Violet A
568. LACUNA, Marionne Rosabell R
569. LADEZA, Roel John M
570. LAGARDE, Mikaela Francine D
571. LAGASCA, Marianne Franchesca Therese S
572. LAIÑO, Arfil Joy G
573. LALIA, Yashneira A
574. LAMAC, Rodwil L
575. LAMAN, Ralph James G
576. LAMBINO-MALIMBAN, Kaye Coleen D
577. LAMBOSO, Ilda Marie E
578. LAMIGO, Kahlil L
579. LAMPA, Tristan D
580. LAMUG, Jackie Lou D
581. LANETE, Jesi Howard S
582. LAPERAL, Fatima P
583. LAPEÑA, Rheina B
584. LAPINIG, Jade A
585. LAPITAN, Erwin E
586. LASAM, Norman Clarence T
587. LATORRE, Charlaine E
588. LAUANG, Edzon Cristian C
589. LAUDENCIA, Karla Mae R
590. LAUREL, Michaela Victoria L
591. LAURON, Diana Margaret C
592. LAURON, Salud Beberly F
593. LAVA, Mari Joie C
594. LAVADIA, Eric Benjamin D
595. LAVADIA, Michael John T
596. LAYNO, Ian Abelle P
597. LAYSON, Gian Carlo R
598. LAZA, Bernadette B
599. LAZO, Leo Albert A
600. LEAÑO, Roniel V
601. LEDDA, III, Jose C
602. LEE, Anna Olivia S
603. LEE, Jassen Ralph A
604. LEE, Jude Z
605. LEE, Lara Camille A
606. LEGASPI, Ma. Theresa A
607. LEGASPI, Portia Fidelis C
608. LENDIO, Nathaniel V
609. LEONADOR, Rowel Jake L
610. LEYBAG, Jason C
611. LEYES, Hanna M
612. LIM, Frances Dyan T
613. LIM, Jan Alexander E
614. LIM, Jane Kathyrine B
615. LIM, Maridez C
616. LIM, Rahlee Jane B
617. LIM, JR., Angel A
618. LIMCOLIOC, Louie Mark R
619. LINGBAWAN, Baby Jacklyn D
620. LINOG, Hannah Khiarra C
621. LIPAT, Irene Ann Y
622. LIQUIGAN, Christoffer Allan A
623. LISBO, Eric A
624. LIWANAG, Fem Christine M
625. LLOREN, Warren Marc P
626. LO, Justine Andrew C
628. LONGNO, Christine N
629. LONTOC, Mary Catherine B
630. LOON, Jose Martin A
631. LOOT, Jemirose R
632. LOPEZ, Gene Edward DC
633. LOPEZ, Nelson D
634. LOPEZ, Niño Jubilee S
635. LORENZO, Norman N
636. LORETCHA, Jane B
637. LORICO, Jennilene V
638. LORICO, Michael Joseph J
639. LOYOLA, Emmanuel D
640. LOYOLA, Joseph Nelson Q
641. LOYOLA, Maria Daisy M
642. LOZADA, Stefanie Noelle A
643. LUCENARIO, Marien Kathrine A
644. LUCERO, Ian Kenneth B
645. LUCERO, Lucie Antonette D
646. LUGTU, Juliben L
647. LUMANGLAS, Crisalyn B
648. LUMANTA, Jan Louenn L
649. LUNA, Ginber M
650. MAAMO, Anthony L
651. MABBUN, Ma. Antonette M
652. MABINI, Cyra M
653. MACAINDIG, Datumama M
654. MACALINO, Ralph Vincent S
655. MACAPAGAL, Ryann S
656. MACAPAGAL, Stephanie Luzette M
657. MACARAEG, Tyrus Joshua M
658. MACARAMBON, Muhammad Ali M
659. MACATANGAY, Sherleen Lourds R
660. MACLA, Jamail Lunar G
661. MADRIÑAN, John Andrew M
662. MAGABILEN, Darlene Marie S
663. MAGNO-GUYGUYON, Candice K
664. MAGRATA, Marielle M
665. MAGSAMBOL, Iderlyn P
666. MALABANAN, Arianne C
667. MALABANAN, Marie Krizel P
668. MALABANAN, JR., Arnaldo C
669. MALAMUG, Jerry Anton Paolo U
670. MALVAR, Michael Andrew G
671. MAMARIL, Charise P
672. MAMENTA, Maricris R
673. MANA-AY, Grace N
674. MANANGKIL, Jill B
675. MANDOCDOC, Dan Kevin C
676. MANGABAN, Ma. Lourena M
677. MANGAHAS, Gabrielle Ruth D
678. MANGCO, Carlos Joseph Frederick
679. MANGUBAT, Christian Paul N
680. MANIGBAS, Anne Maureen B
681. MANIQUIS, Katrina G
682. MANLANGIT, Donna Patricia C
683. MANLICLIC, Eleni Francesca G
684. MANOTOC, Ferdinand Richard Michael M
685. MANUBAG, Reman V
686. MANUEL, Leylann Generoso R
687. MANUEL, Melvin L
688. MANZANARES, JR., William P
689. MANZANO, Katrina Ross P
690. MAPUTI, Julius Art P
691. MARALIT, Catherine Angela V
692. MARANGIT, Zarith Sofiah G
693. MARANTE, IV, Hermenegildo P
694. MARCAIDA, Ramon Carlo F
695. MARGALLO, Ralph Lawrence M
696. MARI, Marjorie H
697. MARISTELA, Marvyn L
698. MARISTELA, Melissa Fina U
699. MARIÑO, Yehushelline Joy L
700. MARQUEZ, Fellain Ann P
701. MARQUEZ, Jadelee I
702. MARTINEZ, Rodulfo Jose R
703. MARTINEZ, Theena C
704. MASACAYAN, Earl Louie M
705. MASCENON, JR., Ernesto Mario S
706. MATEO, Armi Liza M
707. MAUHAY, Mary Giselle R
708. MAURO, Claire Marie B
709. MAÑO, Chris Jark Ace M
710. MEDALLE, Irma Mari P
711. MELCHOR, Bettina R
712. MENCIAS, Rowena Mae N
713. MENDEZ, Ivan Viktor N
714. MENDIGUARIN, Eman Michael M
715. MENDIGUARIN, Genevieve S
716. MENDOZA, Allan Duane A
717. MENDOZA, Anna Loraine M
718. MENDOZA, Beverly I
719. MENDOZA, Mara Khrisna Charmina F
720. MENDOZA, Miguel Antonio L
721. MENDOZA-OBUMANI, Jesme Donna R
722. MERCADO, Noel Patrick Y
723. MERCADO-GEPHART, Tercel Maria G
724. MERCENE, Annaliza P
725. MERCURIO, Walesa J
726. MIEL, Allan Arnel D
727. MIGUEL, John Evan C
728. MIJARES, Kristine P
729. MILAOR, Rose Andrea V
730. MILLAN, Princess Mae A
731. MILLARE, Loreta Fairie Ann R
732. MINGUEZ, Al Jason V
733. MIRAL, Mercy Joy R
734. MISLANG, JR., Armando F
735. MISOLA, Vanessa Y
736. MIÑOZA, Ma. Golda Gigi G
737. MO, Sophia C
738. MOLO, Jade Paulo T
739. MONJE, Monna Lissa C
740. MONOTEN, Edgar S
741. MONTESCO, Aldrin R
742. MOPIA, Eden Catherine B
743. MORADA, Julienne Marie A
744. MORATO, April Rose N
745. MORAÑA, Hansel P
746. MOSQUITE, Michael M
747. MOSTOLES, Sherwin T
748. MOYA, Ann Faustine T
749. MUARIP, Myra C
750. MUNDIN, Maria Cristina T
751. MUÑOZ, Roniel D
752. NABONG, Rose Vida D
753. NACINO, Racquel H
754. NACIONAL, II, Rene Q
755. NACUA, Bernadine R
756. NADAL, Janice G
757. NAGA, John Henry D
758. NALLIW, Joan Sheelah O
759. NARVAEZ, Stephanie Marie L
760. NAVA, Anna Rose M
761. NAVARRA, Ellie Chris C
762. NAVARRA, Janelle Aquilina Marie
763. NEBRIDA, Rosario Joy F
764. NELLAS, JR., Alberto P
765. NEPOMUCENO, Juan Paolo M
766. NERY, Anna Suzanne C
767. NG, Cyris Ann A
768. NGO, Mary Grace M
769. NGOSLAB, Donna K
770. NIETO, Paolo D
771. NILLAMA, Kirwen B
772. NILLAMA, Mae Grace June C
773. NOLASCO, Raizulli M
774. NOMBRADO, Israel C
775. NUDALO, Grace A
776. NUEZ, Miguel Lorenzo Y
777. NUQUE, Reymond G
778. NUÑEZ, Samantha Louise J
779. OAMINAL, Althea Isobel F
780. OBBUS, Fe V
781. OBNIMAGA-MIRAL, Maria Janel S
782. OCAMPO, Josephine Gabrielle Melissa L
783. OCANA, III, Norman Roland E
784. OFO-OB, Seichi E
785. OLANDESCA, Gabriel Guy P
786. OLFINDO, Ryan Paul N
787. OLIVA, Ma. Richelle Q
788. OLIVA, Regal M
789. OLVIDA, Mark Anthony C
790. ONG, Mark Stephen K
791. ONG, Matthew Aaron D
792. ORESTE, Mary B
793. ORTEA, Rudy V
794. ORTEGA, Marvin G
795. ORTILE, Neil G
796. OSMEÑA, Ruhjen S
797. OVIEDO, Jose O
798. OXALES, Glenda G
799. OYALES, Mark Xavier D
800. PAAT, Erwin A
801. PABLICO, Christopher Jhundi D
803. PACABIS, Ryan T
804. PACHECO, Aira P
805. PAGALA, Rosemarie D
807. PAGUICAN, Joshua D
808. PAGULAYAN, JR., Alipio C
809. PALAY, Mabelle Grace A
810. PALLUGNA, Gregorio Miguel H
811. PALMA, Andrew M
812. PALMA, Maria Racquel Carmeli T
813. PALMARES, Louie Mae P
814. PALOMAR, Annabelle Therese G
815. PALPAGAN, Marc Ivan D
816. PAMBID, Karlon V
817. PANDAN, Ramon Antonio D
818. PANGAN, Nielson G
819. PANGANIBAN, Haydee Gretchen G
820. PANGANIBAN, Rodelyn L
821. PANGHULAN, Gerwin A
822. PANIAGUA, Carlo James C
823. PANLILIO, Victor Christopher B
824. PANONG, Hazel Joy P
825. PANTALEON, Sencia L
826. PANUGALING, Rey Cris A
827. PARADO, Mariel Jances Nhayin D
828. PARAS, Mary Kristine Joy S
829. PARAS, Rex L
830. PARAÑAL, Jonah Paul G
831. PARCIA, Teresa Rose D
832. PARCO, John Joseph S
833. PARLADE, Lalaine Mae C
834. PASCUA, Marie Antoinette V
835. PASCUA, Ruby Anne B
836. PASCUA, Suzanne G
837. PASCUAL, Jim S
838. PASCUAL-BELLO, Cristine E
839. PASIA, Mon Cristopher B
840. PASQUIL, Cria Marie L
841. PATAGAN, Gerille Hope E
842. PATALINGHUG, Eligene B
843. PAUMAR, Alberto S
844. PE, Laurie A
845. PE, Lorene A
846. PE BENITO, Armi Christie C
847. PEDRO, Kirk Mathew R
848. PELAYO, Jannefer Jannice G
849. PENDATUN, Sittie Amirah K
850. PENDATUN, JR., Datu Nasser A
851. PERALTA, Anna Margarita C
852. PERALTA, Eric Paul D
853. PERALTA, Lorena R
854. PERDIGUERRA, Toni Marie L
855. PEREGRINA, Johann Chairo E
856. PEREZ, Dikko Jay C
857. PESISANO, Wincerbogne L
858. PEÑA, Irwin L
859. PEÑARANDA, Jon Dominic P
860. PFLEIDER, JR., Rodolfo D
861. PICHAY, Olivia Emmanuelle A
862. PICO, Nathan Michael O
863. PIELAGO, Juan Carlo O
864. PILAPIL, Julius P
865. PILOTON, Edison R
866. PINEDA, Edelise D
867. PINLAC, Sergio Ildefonso Felipe O
868. PINOON, Lorevill S
869. POMOY, Rashel Ann C
870. PORQUEZ, Jonalyn G
871. PORTUGALIZA, Michel B
872. PRECIOSO, Dexter B
873. PRINCIPE, Ruskin G
874. PUA, JR., Greg G
875. PULIDO, Karina N
876. PULIDO, Paula Editha I
877. PULTA, Ma. Victoria B
878. QUE, Kathrina Sheena Marie L
879. QUEBEC, Aldrin Jude M
880. QUERIJERO, Elizabeth Anne M
881. QUEROBINES, Rowel A
882. QUIBRAL, Regie Matet C
884. QUINTO, Jacqueline Ann R
885. RABAGO-AGUSTIN, Fairy Faith B
886. RABAJANTE, Maria Diory F
887. RABAYA, Gerwin Ryan L
888. RABE, Cheryl Grace M
889. RABENA, Gerald F
890. RABONZA, Maria Christina C
891. RADA, Mayeth C
892. RAMIRO, Roberto Miguel D
893. RAMOS, Renee Camille V
894. RAMOS, Rizal Disraeli S
895. RAMOS, Vince Paolo L
896. RAYCO, Georgeanna Rainbow S
897. RAYMUNDO, Joshua S
898. RAYPON, Ma. Althea Rholene J
899. RAZON, Zenaida R
900. RAÑA, Rhone A
901. RAÑOLA, Mary Ann I
902. REAS, Ma. Ruby Ann P
903. REBAÑO, Ma. Patricia F
904. RECIO, Gelina Rose E
905. REDOBLE, Rogelio Benjamin J
906. REGIS, Jasmin Mei C
907. RELUCIO, Rendl James C
908. REMIGIO, Francis Jay E
909. RENALES-LUCERO, Antoniette Maria S
910. RENES, Jan Richard A
911. REVITA, Mariza I
912. REYES, Ana Francessca A
913. REYES, Harly Jayson U
914. REYES, Ma. Christina S
915. REYES, Marie Kristine F
916. REYES, Peter Gian-marc R
917. REYES, Pierre Martin D
918. REYES, Rafaella Carmela P
919. REYES, Raymond C
920. REYES, Romel O
921. REYES, Tristan A
922. REYES, JR., Tito L
923. REYES-VEGA, Patricia B
924. RIGAT, Rose Ann B
925. RIGETS, Robert Edward G
926. RILE, Mary Jane G
927. RILLERA, Christinne Marie A
928. RIVERA, Katrina N
929. RIVERA, Neil Allan D
930. RIVERA, Phillip Raymund S
931. ROBLEDO, JR., Michael A
932. ROBLES, Jannica G
933. ROBLES, Joanna Marie G
934. RODAS, Vincent Abril U
935. RODEL, Salvador S
936. RODRIGUEZ, Anna Katarina B
937. ROJAS, Raisia Mae DV
938. ROLDAN, Joyce Anne C
940. ROMAGOS, Lois S
941. ROMAN, Martin Kristoffer F
942. ROMERO, Faith B
943. ROMERO, Marigold D
944. ROPLOC, Salvador F
945. ROSAL, Maria Karla Soleil F
946. ROSALEJOS, Chyrs Anne M
947. ROSALES, Christine Heide A
948. ROSALES, Mary Grace Anne S
949. ROSARIO, Glenys M
950. ROSITO, Rommel R
951. ROXAS, Idesa L
952. RUBIN, Ronald Patrick T
953. RUBINOS, Ronajoy G
954. RUBIO, Mark P
955. RUBLICO, Jan Edgar J
956. RUIZ, Theresa C
957. RUIZO, Liway Czarina S
958. RUIZOL, Mari Joyce R
959. RUZ, Jan Edmond Y
960. SABIO, Rodolfo Apolonio R
961. SACDALAN, Strella Marie G
962. SACRAMENTO, Anne Jaycelle C
963. SACULLES, Myraflor G
964. SADSAD, Kathrina Mishael C
965. SAGARINO, Irvin Z
966. SAGARINO, Rodelynn Rajini A
967. SAGUID, Roel S
968. SALENGA, Jerico D
969. SALOMON, Mark Rossel D
970. SALUNGKIT, Jhunar I
971. SALVADOR, Farina R
972. SALVADOR, Julie Ann C
973. SALVADOR, Lea Diana B
974. SALVATIERRA, Mary Rose B
975. SAMPANG, Canhermi O
976. SAMSON, Dhan Morris M
977. SAMSON, Samantha B
978. SAN JOSE, Warren D
979. SANCHEZ, Malene Jade G
980. SANGUIR, Aileen M
981. SANSON, Rosebell L
982. SANTELLA, Janice J
983. SANTIAGO, Arceelyn J
984. SANTIAGO, Mark Andrew M
985. SANTIAGO, Rita Therese F
986. SANTIAGO, Ronald O
987. SANTILLAN, Steve M
988. SANTIZO, Nicholas C
989. SANTOS, Gail Joseph S
990. SANTOS, Julius Loren C
991. SANTOS, Rio Rose B
992. SANTOS, Sammy Dave A
993. SANTOS, Thomas Angelo A
994. SAPGUIAN, Vicky Louise G
995. SAPIO, Milcah T
996. SARAUSAD, Manuel Elijah J
997. SARIBONG, Tina Marie C
998. SARINES, Agatha Grace A
999. SARMIENTO, Michael Franks T
1000. SARON, Ednalyn R
1001. SARTHOU, JR., Ronald Luke T
1002. SAYSON, Markgregor Edward C
1003. SEGOVIA, Jan Michael K
1004. SERAFICO, Mary Mae Jane A
1005. SERRANO, Janz Hanna Ria N
1006. SEÑA, Andrea Isabel B
1007. SEÑOR, Nes Patrick K
1008. SIAPIAN, Alvin A
1009. SICANGCO, Paulo Alberto T
1010. SICLOT, Haney Lynn G
1011. SILVA, Albert Christian C
1012. SILVA, Julie Ann G
1013. SILVESTRECE, Niño Anthony M
1014. SIO, Nathaniel Eric U
1015. SIPIN, Kristianne Laridor M
1016. SIRIBAN, Victor Andrew A
1017. SISON, Jeniffer P
1018. SISON, Sheila C
1019. SOCIAS, Jairus T
1020. SORIA, Ivy Agatha V
1021. SORIANO, Ivon Francis Y
1022. SOTTO, Jillienne Grace M
1023. SOTTO, Leighton John M
1024. STA. ANA, Marie Micaela T
1025. STO. DOMINGO, Charmaine N
1026. SUAREZ, Andre Anton S
1027. SUAREZ, Maria Socorro D
1028. SUAREZ, Ronald Ryan T
1029. SUBA-RODRIGUEZ, Anne Gillian G
1030. SUING, Ma. Niña Jasmin R
1031. SULIT, Ma. Ricca Pearl S
1032. SULTAN, Val Christian T
1033. SUMAGUI, Ma. Angeles B
1034. SUYAT, Katrine Paula V
1035. SY, Alwyn U
1036. SY, Edson Byron K
1037. SY, Kriselle Samantha D
1038. TABIGNE, Richard D
1039. TABINGAN, Jeona Mae S
1040. TABLADA, Kaven B
1041. TABORA, Jake Rupert T
1042. TAGRA, Earl C
1043. TAGUIAM, Lorraine G
1044. TAJON, Marlowe Doms R
1045. TAJON, Mayvelyn P
1046. TAMAYAO, Michael Jhon M
1047. TAMAYO, Anna Clarife M
1048. TAMBASEN, Alora Mae J
1049. TAMBIAC, Gray S
1050. TAN, Aimee Beryl C
1051. TAN, Franz Kevin R
1052. TAN, Joshua A
1053. TAN, Ma. Donnabel T
1054. TAN, Patrick P
1055. TAN, JR., Gerardo R
1056. TANATE, Marianie C
1057. TANG, Rhomellie B
1058. TANGO, IV, Brian Benson G
1059. TANGOAN, Chris Francis C
1060. TANHUECO, Maria Karrissa A
1061. TAYABAN, Vanessa B
1062. TAYAG, Maria Angeline L
1063. TAÑUTE, Richelle R
1064. TECSON, Jacky Lyn O
1065. TEE, Divine Grace C
1066. TELOG, Thania Marie L
1067. TENORIO, Milmon Bryce C
1068. TENORIO, Regine Amor P
1069. TEPORA, Marian C
1070. TETANGCO, Patrick Arnold P
1071. TEVES, Ma. Cassandra C
1072. THELMO, Marie Angelica M
1073. TIATCO, Misheena Joyce C
1074. TINAPAY, Earl Tristan Ian A
1075. TIU, Alisha S
1076. TIU, Elaine B
1077. TIU, JR., Michael T
1078. TO, Mellisa Joyce Y
1079. TODA, Annalee Joyce C
1080. TOLENTINO, Irish Tom T
1081. TOLENTINO, Joyce Maika J
1082. TOLENTINO, Karissa Faye R
1083. TOLENTINO, Marlene Amparo C
1084. TONGCO, Candice Christine O
1085. TONGSON, JR., Luisito G
1086. TORIO, Cerizar Vicente S
1087. TORRE-RONDEZ, Maria Luisa Cristina K
1088. TORRES, Archiesyl S
1089. TORRES, Jose Carlos S
1090. TORRES, Karen Andrea D
1091. TORRES, Ronald Hallid D
1092. TORRES, JR., Edgar Y
1093. TORRIJOS, Corinna Lorenza T
1094. TORRIJOS, Ma. Mercedes Leanne Antonia B
1095. TORTOLES, Catherine Rose R
1096. TRANGIA-SOLIS, Buena Joy C
1097. TRAVILLA, Cherrel Joy S
1098. TRAZO, Greta Monica D
1099. TRINIDAD, Cherry Lynn M
1100. TRINIDAD, Regina Camille A
1101. TRONO, Gene Mae E
1102. TUASON, Juan Miguel D
1103. TUBIG, George Herbert N
1104. TUGADE, Salvador Andrew S
1105. TUGADI, Wayne A
1106. TULLAO, Fernando R
1107. TUMACDER, Mikhail Maverick P
1108. ULIP, Rhonella L
1109. UMALI, Kristine Camille Y
1110. UMALI, Marie Gene Cecille B
1111. UMEREZ, Enrico L
1112. URANI, Ryan L
1113. URDAS, Krisleen Grace T
1114. USMAN, Maleiha E
1115. USSAM, Reymund Al F
1116. UY, Herazeus Christine Y
1117. UY, Jameson P
1118. UY, Jonathan Buemio
1119. VALBERDE, Jordan Elizabeth C
1120. VALBUENA, Adrian N
1121. VALCOS, Keith Alexandra S
1122. VALDEZ, Jules Boy R
1123. VALENZUELA, Jana Monica Z
1124. VALERIO, Carlo B
1125. VALERIO, Neo Y
1126. VALLEJOS, Virgel Amor O
1127. VALLESTERO, Rizza Joy S
1128. VARGAS, Edgar A
1129. VAÑO, Rhee Christopher C
1130. VELARDE, Patricia C
1131. VELASCO, Raymond Q
1132. VELAYO, Lovely Aissa B
1133. VELOSO, Pinky D
1134. VENDIOLA-CABANILLA, Isiderlyne M
1135. VENERACION, Carmen Cecilia T
1136. VERDEJO, Jonathan N
1137. VERGARA, Marianne T
1138. VICENTE, Glaiza Kaye C
1139. VICENTE, Rowell B
1140. VILLALOBOS, Maria Kamille E
1141. VILLAMOR, Ralph Julious L
1142. VILLANUEVA, Ma. Jade B
1143. VILLANUEVA, Viviene B
1144. VILLAREAL, Jobelle U
1145. VILLARTA, Hannah Joy A
1146. VILLEGAS, Chandine Kaye P
1147. VILLENA, Ezekiel Joshua L
1148. VILLENA, James Ryan B
1149. VINLUAN, Mark C
1150. VIOLA, Stephanie-eden T
1151. VISTA, Ann Margarette C
1152. VIVAR, Clarisse Nicole S
1153. VIVAR, Ma. Theresa Carmina E
1154. WEIGAND, Esther M
1155. WILWAYCO, Dianna Louise R
1156. WONG, Arnel Vincent A
1157. YACAPIN, Myra Vita C
1158. YAN, Veronica Mae C
1159. YANES, Marian R
1160. YANG, Rowena B
1161. YBAÑEZ, Joseph B
1162. YCONG, Mhealler T
1163. YECYEC, Jo Edward F
1164. YPARRAGUIRRE, Robbie James D
1165. YU, Acelynne Joanne O
1166. YUSON, Christian Anthony B
1167. ZAFRA, Jordan G
1168. ZAFRA, IV, Jose P
1169. ZARASPE, Jenn Krystel C
1170. ZATARAIN, Marni Rose D
1171. ZENAROSA, Anna Karenina A
1172. ZULUETA, Isabel S
1173. ZULUETA, Redmond John D
1174. ZUÑIGA, Fatima Eliza O

by: Mohamad Rayyan Moxcir Domado*

It was during the Marcos regime when the Code of Muslim of Personal Laws (P.D. 1083) and the Special Rules of Procedure governing the Shariah Courts in the Philippines were decreed.
Shariah, or the Islamic Law, comprises ten units in the curriculum is only a primer to the purview and to the deep learning of the Islamic Law practiced in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. The inclusion of the subject in the prospectus is implicitly part of the mission-vision-philosophy of Mindanao State University to promote a culturally diverse understanding among the Tri-People (The Bangsamoro, Migrants and Indigenous People) in Mindanao.

I am already on my sixth semester in the law school. And one of the common things that I observed in my colleagues is that they not taking the Shariah subjects seriously. Though I haven’t made a survey or a datum or statistics to present, this opinion is based on my strong observation and the views shared by my classmates and other students whom I have corresponded with. According to them the whole scope of Shariah is not part of the Bar Exam therefore it is not practical to include it in our curriculum and a mere waste of time. Instead, we should have been focusing to the other subjects. Some were clamoring for the revision of the curriculum, precisely the deletion of the Shariah units in the syllabus. To make it worse, students who do not know how to defraud on the other subjects have the courage to open their notes during the midterm and final exams in their Shariah classes which apparently leads me to the impression that they do not think Islamic Law is worthy enough to be taken as part of our everyday learning. 

In reply to these, I wore a mask of grin and pretended not to be affected every time my colleagues and professors dropped their comments even in the social networking site Facebook regarding their views in studying Shariah. However, to me the thought of making sweeping negative statements on the Islamic Law is indecent and judgmental. What is more disappointing is that we are given access to information, almost spoon-fed, that all we have to do is to exert an effort to read and understand things. Yet, we intentionally refuse to know and deliberately choose to be ignorant and judgmental. It is very frustrating and to some extent, oppressing.  

Yes, this may not be in the ambit of the regular Bar exam but still it is part of the law of the land which is promulgated as special law that worth to be studied and be given a balanced time like the other subjects. On the other hand, this will serve as an avenue to know the real definition of Islam and an opportunity to learn beyond how most of the irresponsible media defined it: religion of the world famous terrorists and extremists but rather like all other religions which also outcry for peace and justice.

As quoted in Paulo Coelho’s Like the Flowing River, “If you were to look (the Islam) with more love, you would mainly see what we (Christian) have in common, then half of the world’s problem would be solved.”
* Mohammad Rayyan Moxcir Domado or "Bibbo" as he is known in the MSU College of Law – IIT Extension, is a junior law student from the same school. He is a Shariah Counselor and placed 2nd in the Shariah Bar Examinations in 2012.

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