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Latest headlines are filled with news on dengue infections in the National Capital Region thus declaring it in a state of calamity. With most of us Filipinos still uninformed about the disease that yearly infects 51 million people worldwide, there is a dire need for everybody to be aware about the deadly dengue.

If we think cancer, vehicular accidents, or heart attack are the top causes of death for humans, we need to think again.

The small but terrible mosquito kills 51 MILLION PEOPLE yearly.
Mosquitoes are the number one culprits for millions of human deaths all over the world. Dengue is the most widespread of all mosquito-borne viral disease and has thus became a major international public health concern. It is an acute infectious viral disease, which usually affects infants and young children and is transmitted through day-biting mosquitoes known as Aedes Argypti and Aedes Aegyptii.

According to the World Health Organization, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF or “dengue”), was first recognized in the 1950s during the dengue epidemics in the Philippines and Thailand. By 1970’s, nine countries had experienced epidemic DHF and now, the number has increased more than fourfold and continues to rise. Today emerging DHF cases are causing increased dengue epidemics in the Americas, and in Asia, where the viruses are endemic.

Globally, 2.5 billion people live in areas where dengue viruses can be transmitted. Countries in tropical areas, or those found 12 degrees north and south of the equator, are part of the so-called “dengue region”. And yes, that includes us here in the Philippines.

Outbreaks are cyclical, and infection rates can accelerate with frightening speed but the peak season for dengue starts in June with the onset of rainy season. While cases were reported all over the country, these are concentrated in: CaLaBaRZon (Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal-Quezon); Eastern and Western Visayas; and Northern, Central and Southern Mindanao.

Taken from a report published by Reader’s Digest in 2002, the Philippines reported 7,697 cases and 67 deaths in the first seven months of 2001, compared to 7,731 cases and no death for all of 2000. Compare these with the current statistics from the National Epidemiology Center of the Department of Health (NEC) were 62,503 cases were reported from January to August 31 this year, up 88% from 2009.

So, how does the virus spread?

The dengue virus does not spread directly from person to person. It is transmitted mostly by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is common across the Philippines and Asia.

When it gorges on the blood of an infected human, the virus enters the insect’s salivary gland, where it incubates for eight to ten days. After that, the mosquito can pass the virus on to the next person it bites. “An infected mosquito is capable of transmitting the virus to susceptible individuals anytime during its 65-day lifespan,” says Dr. Dominic Garcia.

Once the bug enters the body, it multiplies slowly in blood cells. A person bitten does not immediately show symptoms. It takes from five to seven days for the virus to incubate.
In the DHF variant of the infection, cells release chemicals that trigger leakage of plasma from blood vessels. “Fluids accumulate in body cavities, causing profound shock,” explains Dr. Lulu Bravo of University of the Philippines-College of Medicine. Death often results from bleeding in the brain, intestines, or other organs. After the patient has gone into shock, death becomes inevitable.

The increase in air and sea travel in the region has also aided dengue’s spread. A highly-publicized case happened at San Fernando in Sibuyan Island, Philippines, had never experienced an outbreak, but when islander Joel Magdayao visited Manila by boat for a few days in July 1998, he came back infected. A month later, more than a hundred islanders contracted the fever. Two died: a six-year-old girl and a 64-year-old man.

Another startling fact about dengue is that when patients recover from dengue (they would develop antibodies that provide immunity), they are still vulnerable to the other three strains of the virus. There are four viruses (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4), so a person can develop four infections in a lifetime. Often, infection with a subsequent strain results in a more serious illness, though experts are unsure why this happens.

Dengue Symptoms

How would we know that one has dengue already and not an ordinary flu?

Although symptoms may vary from patient to patient, generally the sickness starts with the following:

1. Has fever reaching 38.5 degrees Celsius or up for 2 days running already.
2. Rash that would appear 3 or 4 days after the outset of the fever.
3. Stomach pains
4. Agonizing headache
5. Muscle and joint pain
6. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite
7. Bleeding from the skin, nose, or gums.

The worst symptoms can last up to ten days. In the worst cases, the patients’ condition may suddenly deteriorate after a few days of fever, and they may die within 24 hours.

But generally, according to the DOH, there is a minute 1% mortality for the dengue cases nationwide. If an infected individual is immediately rushed to the hospital after early symptoms showed up, a complete fast recovery can take a month.

Dengue Treatment
There is no vaccine available against dengue and there are no specific medications to treat a dengue infection. Although some Filipinos use the traditional herbal medicines such as the “tawa-tawa” herb, ingestion of papaya leaf juice, or consumption of the luscious durian fruit, people from the Department of Health do not advise such alternatives lack of study and empirical evidence for its effectiveness.
But the latest health bulletin released by the DOH reversed and further forged the tawa-tawa herb's healing properties… it turned out that the herb is 99% effective in increasing the blood platelet count. Check out how to make the Tawa-tawa tea here. (For the Top 10 Dengue Prevention Tips, click here)

Hydration is very important for those struck with the illness. Blood platelet count should be noted along with the following remedies:

1. Liquid-intake should be encouraged. Fruit juices are strongly advised.
2. Drink oral glucose electrolyte solutions. An alternative is to mix 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt to one (1) liter of water.
3. Paracetamol should be given and not aspirin to bring down fever. Aspirin impairs blood clotting.

Unless we take concerted action to educate our people and inspire people to act now, dengue will continue to take its toll in the regions of the country. To stop the deaths, let us spread the word and do our part to combat the mosquitoes.

On the current situation, many doctors complain that authorities often act only when outbreaks occur rather than developing preventive programs. I believe if we made some pretty hysterical decisions and precautions during the AH1N1 outbreak (where only one person died), the government should do its best for the sake of public health.

But still whether or not the government reminds, we the Filipino people should mind about this issue.

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With most of us Filipinos still uninformed about the disease that yearly infects 51 million people worldwide, there is a dire need for everybody to be aware about the deadly dengue and how to cure it. According to the Department of Health, however, tawa-tawa (Euphorbia hirta) is not proven to be dengue cure.

Here's how to make Tawa tawa tea for dengue treatment.

Euphorbia hirta, is a plant of the genus Euphorbia, known in the Philippines as "tawa-tawa" or "gatas-gatas".
1. Take 5 to 6 pieces of Tawa-tawa plant.

2. Cut off and exclude the roots.

3. Wash the plant with running water.

4. Clean it and make sure there are no foreign objects or dirt.

5. Fill a boiling pot with clean water.

6. Boil the Tawa-tawa for 1 (one) minute in a medium fire.

7. Wait for it to cool down.

8. Place the strainer on top of the mouth of the pitcher and slowly pour the tea into the pitcher.

9. Drink nothing but the Tawa-tawa tea for the next 12 to 24 hours.

10. Sip 1 to 1.5 glasses of Tawa-tawa water every hour for best results.

Hopefully, the internal hemorrhaging will stop and the dengue fever will be cured after 12 hours to 24 hours of ingesting the traditional tea.

Please share your experience on this recipe's effectivity on your dengue cases on the Comment Section below.

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Updated: August 27, 2014; 6:36 PM

Although there are some herbal cure for the dengue virus (such as the tawa-tawa herb), prevention is still the most important thing to do to avoid being bitten by dengue-carrying mosquitoes. It is better than any remedy. Here’s my Top 10 dengue prevention tips:

10 - When available, use air-conditioning. Attach screens to all windows and doors.

9 - Avoid hanging clothes in dark corners as these serve as hiding places for mosquitoes.

8 - Control wrigglers (“kiti-kiti”) in ponds by keeping larvae-eating fish like goldfish.

7 - Warn children not to play near still water for possibilities of being bitten by dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

6 - Discard items that collect rain or run-off water, especially old tires. Keep containers outside the home and gutters dry. Change the water in outdoor birdbaths and pet water containers once a week.

5 – Clean and replace the water in flower vases, fridge trays, storage bins, or pails once a week. Watch out for bromeliad plants, its funnel like leaves hold water.

4 - Insist that public-health officials safeguard your community by eliminating stagnant water sites in construction and wastewater treatment areas.

3 - Apply insect repellants on skin. Use mosquito patches, citronella sprays, bug bands (usually repels insects for 120 hours), or use high-tech gadgets such as the ultrasonic anti-mosquito repellant.

2 - When outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Wear longer clothing that covers exposed skin in the arms and legs to thwart bites.

1 - Sleep on a bed inside a mosquito net.

For the steps on how to make a Tawa-tawa tea against Dengue virus infection, click here.

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Let's trace the Pinoy hip hop history.

Dyords Javier’s spoof of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” became the first hip-hop song to hit the waves. Breakdancing on the other hand, gained grounds in 1984 at Makati City. Six years later, the breakdancer Francis Magalona (Francis M.) released Yo! which finally hit the mainstream. Those were the glory days of the Filipino hip hop scene.

After a couple of years, the movement had a hard time finding its footing due to self-aggrandizement that made hip hoppers turn on each other. Hatred in the small community forced the music to fade in the airwaves as sappy ballads and novelty continues to rule the mainstream.

As we leave 2010, most people do agree that it has been remarkable year for Filipino hip hop. Being a hip hop music aficionado myself, I have to say that a rebirth of sort is taking place which started on the Internet. It is no other than: FLIPTOP.

“Fliptop is a rap battle league that puts two people in a match to have them insult each other with the cleverest punch lines and sharpest rhymes” notes Anygma. Rap battle is a form of emcee-ing (which is one of the four elements of hip hop together with DJ-ing, breakdancing and graffiti art).

Never did Alaric Riam Yuson (a.k.a. "Anygma"), imagine that FlipTop is going to be one of the world’s most viewed battle league. It first started on February 6 with primarily only four emcees: Fuego versus Protégé; and Datu versus Cameltoe. It took place on the Grain Assault Event at Quantum Café in Makati City then, the rest was history.

The inspiration for the battle rhyming came from Grind Time of the US. The format and all are like replicas of the earlier American videos. But to the surprise of many (like Grind Time MC Dirtbag Dan), the views of FlipTop surpassed all other rap battle videos on the net. Flip Top Battle views are millions way more than America’s Grind Time, Got Beef?, or Canada’s King of the Dot combined.

FlipTop rappers don’t do it for money as there’s no monetary reward after the matches. “It’s been a tattoo, and we’re looking at the shirts. Monetary, so far, not yet. People haven’t stepped forward yet with the money down or whatever”, quotes Anygma in an FHM interview. Because of the videos’ success, boundaries were crossed by different crews just for the show. Alaric, son of a writer, and representing the well-to-do Ampon, was able to invite other rap cliques even from Tondo to battle. FlipTop, it seems, was able to connect everything, regardless of genre, age, or clique.

A typical battle goes like this:

At the outset of the videos, is a little epitaph, “Dedicated to the Memory of “Miguel ‘DJ Lamok’ Agoncillo” Rest In Peace (Sept. 29, 1984 – March 27, 2010); or “In Loving Memory of Eyedea Rest In Peace”.

“FlipTop: First Filipino Rap Battle League “logo will be shown followed by ads of some sponsors:, 82 Specks, and more.

Anygma, the sole organizer of FlipTop opens up the matches as he introduces the two battling emcees. There are three rounds consist of one minute per emcee to speak up his acappella rhymes. No bars held, all-out, raw, explicit lines can be thrown at the opponent with lines that are either freestyle or written.

The battle is done within the cipher (the crowd that forms around the battle). After the rounds, the judges gives their decision for the win. The emcee that has the most number of votes wins the battle. But in case of a tie, the judges may ask for one OT (overtime). In the end, one has to win the match judging on the wordsmiths’ punch lines, delivery, flow, rhyme scheme, cadence, swag, or timing.

Videos are taken by cameraman Kev and after the matches, edited by DJ Umph from Miscellaneous then finally uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Right now, the two most watched videos are Dello versus Target and Loonie versus Zaito. Both of the videos have more than 8,000,000 views as of this posting. In an ABS-CBN interview, Loonie believes that the reason for the battle rhymings’ success is due to the nature of the heated verbal exchanges captured on a tight video shot. Real action and emcees’ witticism can be observed as most of the lines are delivered off the top.

Nevertheless, FlipTop reminds us of our old-school, Filipino-style flyting called, “balagtasan”. As noted by Dr. Juvy Peregrino in a “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” interview that it is a high form of the Filipino poetry. It seemed like battle rhyming was long part of Filipino culture which can also be traced in the Ilonggos' romantic “binalaybay”, the Tagalogs' "balagtasan", and the Cebuanos’ “balak”.

Due to its success, various cities in the Philippines also had their own version of FlipTop in their dialects. Left and right TV guestings of the FlipTop emcees are proofs to their ever-growing popularity.

Eventhough filled with risqué and flagrant language; it seems that the videos were successful in educating the masses both on a hip-hop-cultural level and on a commonsensical level. Anygma and the FlipTop crew were basically able to achieve their goals of improving skills and hip hop community, hands down. After the heavy punch lines and bombardments of words, astonishingly, emcees remain friends...that is respect.

This entry was originally posted on 17 December 2010 on my old blog.

The Kulô (Boil) exhibit at CCP which was opened on the first week of this month had promoted a heated rift between those tilted towards freedom of expression and “religious sensibilities”.

While the organizers described the Kulô exhibit as “discourses of the pen and the sword, education and revolution that continue to implicate Filipino artists and thinkers”, it was formed in accordance with UST’s quadricentennial and the 150th birthday of its most famous dropout, national hero Jose Rizal. Poleteismo, Mideo Cruz’s art piece now in hot water, is only one art work among the exhibit’s 32 others by artist alumni of the University of Santo Tomas.

Poleteismo (Polytheism) is a recycled piece first exhibited at the UP’s Vargas Museum in 2002 and the Ateneo’s Loyola House of Studies without incident in 2004 but sure caused a controversy this year which included vandalisms inside the respected gallereis of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Mideo Cruz’s stated goal was to speak of “idolatry and neo-deities" (thus the exhibit name, “Poleteismo”) shaping modern Filipino consciousness. “We need to realize that [Poleteismo] is the mirror of our society and of ourselves...The reality of our society is the real blasphemy of our own image; the blasphemy of our sacred self."

Does art and religion mix.

Those things in the collage that irked the church people were a seated Christ the King wearing a red clown’s nose and Mickey Mouse ears, a cross with red male genitalia, and condoms juxtaposed with religious objects. Surrounding these was a welter of commercials, travel stickers, political pamphlets, pictures of Fernando Poe, Jr., Gilbert Teodoro, and Barack Obama in an election season, penis ashtrays juxtaposed with pictures of the Holy Family, rosaries, crucifixes, even Christmas lights. This visual summary of modern Filipino culture seemed to give its viewer pause with thoughts of pedophile priests.

One of those really pissed of was Manolo Dayrit of Ang Kapatiran, went on to take things to court making the CCP “liable for corrupting values" – Article 20 of the Revised Penal Code penalizing exhibits scandalous to religion; Article 21 speaking of compensation; Article 26 speaking of a course of action to make up for insulting religious belief. The laypeople’s legal adviser, Attorney Imbong said that the basis of their case would be Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, which has outlawed exhibits that “offend any race or religion.” The penalty for the offense includes prision mayor or six to 12 years’ imprisonment, as well as a fine ranging from P6,000 to P12,000.

It is has always been indeed a pandemonium when art and religion meet (not to forget the Senators which simply “rode on” to this issue instead of doing things of national importance). A question worth asking is this: “Where does art start; and obscenity end”?

Those religious objects doesn’t even ring a bell for me as this can’t even be “images of God”. Those were just but artist interpretations (because we don’t have a concrete picture of how Jesus or God looks like). Let’s look at the Bible which these fanatics fail to read:

"Exodus 20:4 "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."

If one is open in the practice of one’s religion, I believe it is only fair if people of different beliefs would also try to express themselves. Although it is only fair to show mutual deference to all icons, images, rituals and ideas venerated by all existing faiths within a nation, there is such a thing as choice which makes all the difference because we live in a democracy. Come to think of it, if one does not want to see the gallery, one has the choice not to go there (just like me opting not to watch Filipino teleseryes).
I don't see the "True, Good, and Beautiful" in the after effects of Martial Law.

Art is simply not just about beauty as what Imelda believes on only the “true, good, and the beautiful”. Anything can be counted as art, as long as its creator expresses his or her thought. (Check out my post on "What's the Use of Art?" here).

Even if it looked like a hodgepodge of “unoriginal” things is considered an art. Has anyone heard of Andy Warhol? While this may seem a minor idea, it sheds doubt on the author’s ability to determine artistic merit. Warhol showed that pastiche and the unique combination of existing images may constitute original art.

This is the real problem: We, Filipinos fail to appreciate and understand the true meaning of “art” - as aesthetics, as a reflection of social consciousness, as a vehicle of one’s ideas. Agreement and conformity are not the only measures of artistic culture.

Come on, one exhibit cannot bring down the Catholic Church. But that does not give license of anybody or any institution to mangle ideas that do not conform to the norm or become a standard because of the power in numbers of followers. These freethinkers do even ask for special privileges or  SUVs, they simply want equality.

Mideo Cruz - The man whose collage was under fire... and boiling water.
The exhibit’s closure was a shameful defeat for the right of free expression. There were thirty-one other visual artists in that exhibit who were also shut off from the public because of institutional pressures on the works of one of the participants. What happened to the autonomy of CCP from censorship? Or is that autonomy only applicable whenever it is expedient to apply?

I agree with National Artist F. Sionil Jose in defending art that “there was nothing "obscene" in it [Poleteismo] compared to the obscenities of corrupt officials in government.

"The obscenities in this country are the powerful Filipinos who do not do their duties, the corrupt officials, who are not responsible. These are the obscenities in our nation. There are only bad artists and bad writers”.
They are the ones that should be lambasted and ones to be crucified on the cruz (pun intended). As far as I know, religious fanaticism is dangerous in that they threaten not only the individual rights guaranteed by our constitution but also the very roots of democracy. This “blasphemy” (as what the laypeople mean) serves nothing but the weapon of the weak. Is it not then reasonable for a person to use his artistic right to protest against the patriarchy of the institutional Catholic Church?

I apologize that I have to blur these obscene faces.
Here's a compilation of my Facebook wall posts.

A batch of satirical statements, mind-tickling jokes, notions, doubts, opinions, beliefs, assertions, assumptions, mockeries, sarcasm, silliness, and other forms of bluster.

For the benefit of my blog readers who don't have the luxury of checking out my Facebook posts, I've compiled my monthly posts, these were my posts for the month of November last year. I hope that you'll enjoy the hodge-podge of these ideas and I urge you to share your comment about the posts since one can't click "Like" here.

You may check out the NETWORKED BLOGS tab on the right to connect with me on Facebook.

December 24

Naalala ko lang ang Azkals. Sabi nila ang asong pinoy ay hindi askal kundi Aspin. Pero dahil sa hindi naman purong Pinoy ang mga tisoy na 'yon, I came up with their new team name, "Philippine Mongrels."

December 21

Naranasan n'yo na ba? Habang nakaupo na sa bus. Ang bus sa kanan o kaliwa ay umandar at umatras na. Dahil dito, nagtaka ka kung alin mga ba sa mga bus ang umatras at aalis na: ang nasa kabila o ang sa sinasakyan mo?

December 18

Nabasa ko ang mga ito sa kanang bahagi ng aking screen: Account, Profile at... HOME. Oo, makakauwi na rin ako isang araw mula ngayon sa tunay kong tahanan. Miss ko na ang pamilya ko sa aking bayang sinilangan. :-)

Sabi nila, "Wow! Ayos! Para akong nasa heaven".
Sabi ko naman: Pwede ba 'yon? Nasubukan mo na bang makapunta doon para masabi mong "parang nasa heaven"?

Matulin na mananahi = Taylor Swift.

Sa halip na punahin mo ang kanyang pagiging iba sa iyo; bilangin mo na lang kaya kung sa iilang paraan kayo nagkapareha?

Minsan kakalungkot lang isipin na mas marami pa ang namatay sa buong kasaysayan ng sangkatauhan dahil lamang sa "Ngalan ng Dios".

When you ASSUME. You make an ASS out of U and ME. - Quoted from Dr. Hilton J. Aguja.

BILOG ang mundo. Ang sabi ko naman, "Hindi. Oblique spheroid ang mundo".

Sa palagay ko, hindi ang planeta ang may problema. Tayong mga tao ang may problema.

Kapag sinabi mong may sorpresa ka, may nawala na sa elemento ng sorpresa.

December 16

Kapag ang tao'y nagsumikap na balikan ang nakaraan; nasasayang niya ang bukas.

Ang Ama ni Manuel L. Quezon ang Lolo ng Pambansang Wika.

Namangha ako sa isang majikero. Nakaya niyang magpalabas ng salapi mula sa hangin! Pero tinanong ko sarili ko. Bakit pa siya nagtatrabaho bilang isang majikero kung kaya naman pala niyang mag-abra kadabra ng salapi.

December 13

JR's War on Waste Tip: Ang mga gameshows ay di na dapat gumamit pa ng confetti.

Bakit sa mga pelikula, kapag bumili ng isang bagay eh hindi na hinihintay pa ang sukli?

Minsan sa harap ng simbahan. Sa mga nakahilerang tiyangge, may nakita akong produkto. Pampasuwerte daw at pamparami ng pera 'yung nag-iisang pigurin na iyon. Hindi ako nahikayat na bumili. Kung ako sa kanya, 'di na niya dapat 'yon pinagbibili kasi pampaswerte 'yon eh.

Ang mga elevator ay hindi lang naman nange-e-elevate. Nambababa rin.

No comment is a comment.

December 10

Minsan pumasok ako ng isang kwarto. Tahimik. Ang sabi ko sa sarili ko, "Sa kwartong ito, wala palang tao". Ngunit napaisip akong muli... Hindi ko pwedeng masabi na ang kwarto ay talagan nasaksihan kong wala talagang tao kasi nandoon ako mismo sa kwarto. Ako 'yung nasa loob ng kwarto kung kaya't ang kwarto ay hindi pwedeng sabihin na wala ng tao.

Naalala ko lang ang sabi ng guro ko sa kolehiyo na si Dr. Hilton J. Aguja. Minsan nasabi niya sa klase, "Class, everybody has a price. Another person's price may be higher than the other but all of us has a corresponding price". - Ngayon ko lang naisip (at sana maka-respond siya). Medyo hindi totoo. Kasi. Marami rin sa mga tao... ang WALANG ka-presyo-presyo. :-)

Sabi ng estudyante sa guro: Grabe naman, sir. Kay liit-liit na pagkakamali lang nga eh. Ni hindi naman yan importante. May deduction na kaagad!
Sagot ng guro sa estudyante: Oo nga. Kay liit-liit na detalye, ke simple-simple, hindi mo pa naitama...

Isa sa mga nakakalungkot na bagay sa mga litrato ngayong panahon. Medyo mahirp nang i-appreciate ang mga litratong digital dahil sa ito ay pwedeng i-process. Parang ang linya, ganito: "Wow! Astig ng picture pre ah!" Next comment: " Hindi ba finotoshop yan?"

If you are NIT; you are E !

Kinakailangan ko munang umidlip bago makatulog. Hindi talaga ako nakakatulog kapag hindi muna ako nakaidlip. 'Yan ang ritwal ko bago matulog... UMIDLIP.

Bakit ang Philippines ay nag-uumpisa sa "PH" samantalang an Filipino naman ay sa letrang "F"?

Kung hindi na matutuloy ang isang pangyayari na gagawin sa hinaharap, ano ang pangyayaring hindi na mangyayari? O may nangyari nga ba dahil ang gagawin sa hinaharap ay hindi na mangyayari...?

One thing I don't like about our cuisine: Bakit hindi "binabalatan" ang shrimp sa ating mga ulam?

It is better to give than to receive. Major principle behind boxing.

What calendar did Jesus Christ use in his lifetime?

Kapag ikaw ay nakapagtrabaho na; doon mo lang malalaman at mararanasan kung gaano kahirap ang mga napagdaan ng iyong mga magulang sa pagtaguyod sa 'yo.

DEADEND: Decent signages to tell us that we are going nowhere beyond that point.

Kung UNIDENTIFIED and "U" sa UFO, bakit mabilis tayong tumukoy rito na "aliens" nga ito. Unidentified nga eh!

What is "Filipino Time"? Kakainis. Yesterday I've set a schedule for my screening of student publication and I indicated that they should come at 4PM SHARP. Kasi I feel it is stupid to set it at 3PM (Which would give them the thought that they could come at 4 because of the Filipino Delay Time). Stupid. Parang niloloko lang natin ang ating sarili. 4PM is 4PM. Ganun dapat.

Bakit ang mga horroscope ay hindi specified? General, broad, and sweeping statements lamang na pwede sa lahat. Kaya ako nga, minsan, binabasa ko ang LAHAT ng horroscope para mas swerte. Kidding. I don't believe in horroscopes unless it would say: The day is Friday, you will ride a yellow jeepney this day with the plate number LX-5433.That's a real horroscope! Speaking about clairvoyance!

December 9

Isinilang ako sa isang Ilonggong ama at kalahating-Ilocana na ina. Ang sabi naman ng papa ko; ang lolo ng lolo ko ay isang kalahating-Español. That makes me 1/32th Spanish sa paternal side. Siguro about 3.125% sa father side. Hindi ko na rin napapahalagahan 'yun kasi malamang naubos na ng mga lamok.

Sa Pilipinas, maganda ka kapag HINDI ka mukhang PINOY. True? :-)

Technically, ang mga Ilonggo ay mga Bisaya sa kadahilanang sila ay nasa Visayas at ang lenggwahe nilang Hiligaynon ay nasa linguistic group na Bisaya. Pero ask an Ilonggo kung Bisaya ba siya and you'll likely get this answer: "Hindi ah. Ilonggo ko."

Napansin n'yo ba kung gaano ka-opposite sa facial features ng mga Hapon ang mga anime na pinanggagagawa nila?

Magpasalamat ka dahil may mas pangit pa sa iyo. Sila ang naging rason kung bakit ka naging maganda o guwapo. Theoretically, kung lahat tayo ay pare-pareha ng mukha, hindi natin malalaman kung maganda na ba tayo o hindi. Nature is a wise equalizer don't you think? :-)

Isa sa mga itinuro sa akin ng buhay ng maging guro na ako... ay ang pag-ngiti sa mga estudyante sa hallway habang nakakasalubong sila. :-)

Isang halimbawa ng pagka-makasarili ng tao. Kapag may group picture, ang unang titingnan ay kung nandiyan siya sa litrato. Pangalawa, kung maganda ba ang kanyang kuha, posisyon, o ngiti. :-)

Have you seen the TV ad of a certain facial wash? That it stops aging TWENTY LAYERS down the skin?! That's a straight lie. Yet BFAD can't ban them from airing those kinds of lies. You know why? Because BFAD can only reprimand those products that go down the skin layers; not topical ointments as such. BFAD can't basically stop those anti-ageing creams for the reason that those definitely do not work.

One of my favorite redundancies: Security Guard.

Sabi niya sa akin: "What's on your mind?".
Sabi ko naman: "What's on yours?".
Trying to make a conversation with Facebook.

There's no such thing as a problems of the poor, problems of the rich, Filipino problem, economic problem, racial problems, social problem, racial problem, Muslim-Christian problem. Nothing. Nada. Only HUMAN problems.

If "second" is the first and the most basic unit of time; what goes before "second"? There must be a "first"..

December 8

Hindi ba't ang "pinaka" na porsiyento ay hanggang 100 lamang? Bakit ang sa iba, 101% daw, 200%, 110%, 500%. Parang sobra naman yata 'yun... Parang ayaw talaga mahigitan. Kaya ang sa akin kung hindi 100% ay infinity na lang.... plus ONE. :-)

Simula't sapul tinuruan akong magsepilyo ng ngipin. Araw-araw kong ginagawa ito pero 'di ko pa rin nakakamit ang mga ngiping singputi ng mga perlas. Sino ang dapat sisihin? Hindi ba sapat ang dami ng toothpaste na nilalagay ko o talagang sinungaling lamang ang mga advertisements sa TV?

Pansinin: Sa loob ng mga establishments o opisina, kadalasang tawag ng mga empleyado sa nag-iisang security guard na nakatalaga sa kanila ay "Chief".

December 7

Sa halip na matulog sa librong pinatungan ng unan. Gumising ka na lang kaya at basahin ito.

Kapag maganda ang mga panaginip, parang ayaw na nating gumising. Nguni't mas mabuti pa ring sundin at gawin ang mga hakbang upang maabot ang ating mga panaginip...habang gising.

Araw-araw, wiling-wili tayo sa pakikinig ng musika. Habang natutulog, karamihan ay hinahayaang nakaandar ang radyo. Sa loob man ng kotse o jeep, nakakabingi ang mga tugtog ng musika. Ang iba nga ay may dala-dala pang Ipod habang ginagawa ang kanilang mga tungkulin. Nabibingi na tayo halos sa mga huni, tunog at musika... kaya siguro marahil hindi na natin napakikinggan ang ating mga sarili.

Ang sabi ng mga Tagalog sa Bisaya:
Naku, ang tigas naman ng dila ninyong mag-Tagalog!
Ang sabi naman ng Bisaya sa Tagalog:
Pastilan! Kayâyâ ba nimo mag-Binisaya oy!

Kung handa tayong lahat at gustung-gusto ang mga dumarating na biyaya, dapat pareha din ang level ng ating pagtanggap sa masamang bagay na pwedeng mangyari.

Kapag ang mga mayayaman ang nagdeklara ng giyera; ang mga mahihirap ang namamatay.

December 3

Bakit tayo manganganchaw ng iba na mas magaling tayo na kung tutuusin, kahapon, tayo ay kulelat din at walang alam gaya nila?

Bakit karamihan sa mga Pinoy, kapag nagpapa-picture ay naka-side view?

Alam n'yo ba kung paano kayo purihin sa FB? Simple lang. Post a picture with a caption: ANG PANGIT-PANGIT KO DITO (you can rephrase it without changing the original meaning). I haven't tried this but you can if you want. I'm pretty sure you'll get all positive comments. Tell me if it worked afterwards. :-)

Hindi ba talaga pwedeng pumatay? Ang mga vegetarian ayaw kumain ng mga produktong mula sa hayop kasi it's cruelty to animals daw. Paano naman ang mga plants kung ganun? 'Di ba namamatay din ang mga yun dahil sa kanilang pagkonsumo?

Bakit natin pinapatay ang mga mamamatay-tao upang maipakita na ang pagpatay ng tao ay MALI?

One has to conquer his own self before conquering the world.

Ang pagiging mayaman or pagiging pobre ay nagsisimula lahat sa loob ng kukote.

December 2

Sa isang comic strip: Pansinin. Ang character na nasa kanan, kailanman ay 'di pwedeng maunang magsalita sa character sa kaliwa.

Ang mga teenagers, gustong magmukhang matanda; para bang nagmamadali nang tumanda. Paglaon, malalaman din nila na kapag sila'y nagkaedad na, gagawin at gagawin din ang lahat upang magmukhang bata ulit.

Ayos! 'Yung lotion na nakita ko, 100% milk daw. Kaya kaninang umaga, hinalo ko sa kape ko.
It is but a common knowledge that Facebook is a modern-day "social gamechanger" in the cyberspace.

Aside from Facebook's chatting feature that is non-existent in the then-famous Friendster, one can post his or her thoughts on the "Facebook Wall". Being a Facebook member since 2007, I've posted hundreds of Wall Posts that is seen by my Facebook friends.

I've made it a point not to post personal stuffs (like what I ate, what are my whereabout, and what-nots) and decided to post mind-tickling jokes, notions, doubts, opinions, satirical statements, beliefs, assertions, assumptions, mockeries, sarcasm, silliness, and other forms of bluster.

Majority of my posts were written in Filipino (the national language of the Philippines) on the hopes of better intelligibility among the majority of my Filipino-speaking Facebook friends.

For the benefit of my blog readers who don't have the luxury of checking out my Facebook posts, I've compiled my monthly posts, these were my posts for the month of November last year. I hope that you'll enjoy the hodge-podge of these ideas and I urge you to share your comment about the posts since one can't click "Like" here.

Here's what I compiled for the following months:

Funny Facebook Wall Posts of JR Lopez Gonzales (Part 1)