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» » » » » » » MSU-IIT suspends student dress code

JR Lopez Gonzales 6:21 AM 0

MSU-IIT, Iligan City – After years of incessant demand from the studentry, the MSU-IIT Administration under Chancellor Sukarno Tanggol, finally suspends Memorandum Order No. 93-241-OC, commonly known as the “Dress Code” since its adoption in 1993. The announcement was given by the chancellor himself, in front of the students, at the annual Kataastaasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral (KASAMA) General Assembly at MSU-IIT Gym, last Friday.

During his speech, Tanggol told the students that he had “instructed the Security Office that the Dress Code of 1993 is indefinitely suspended and lifted” as a response to the request of the studentry to have a more liberal interpretation of the clothing policy in the light of their right to freely express themselves.

Some of these now-defunct provisions include restrictions on the wearing of earrings and headbands for male students; and garish jewelry for female students. In addition, the 1993 Dress Code banned the wearing of shorts for both genders.
While agreeing that “the way we dress does not affect the way we learn”, Tanggol stressed that “there is no such thing as total freedom”. He reminded the students that MSU-IIT will remain to be a “decent institution”.

The suspension of the 1993 Dress Code is seen to take effect this Monday, while a revised dress code is yet to be approved by the MSU Board of Regents.

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