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Word of Thanks



JR Lopez Gonzales 12:30 PM 0

In this eleventh instalment of Words of Thanks, I would like to thank the following websites for featuring my articles: Cebu’s Ten Minutes and the JRD Perez blog for citing my GMA News article.

Thanks to Alliah Comagul of CEU Law for sharing my article regarding the Mamasapano Tragedy:

I also would like to thank I Love South Cotabato Facebook page for sharing my article on the Mamasapano Tragedy.

Thanks also to MsMsCJYL YouTube Channel for citing my powerpoint presentation on Taxation.

Thank you to MSU-IIT’s Shine Salazar for including my blog to her Blog List.

And lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to the College of Education for giving me the chance to speak to a crowd of more than 150 regarding blogging last February 25th. The event is entitled, “Seminar on Blogging for Education and Advocacies”; and I am grateful to the warm reception of Doctors Ma. Theresa Pelones and Salome Sestina on the said one-day event.

With fellow blogger and MSUan, Yadu Karu.

Sharing their critiques of some PoliTikalon articles
for the afternoon activity.

With Dean Jioharia L. Nicart and Dr. Maria Theresa Pelones of the
College of Education in MSU-General Santos.

I am glad to have shared my knowledge with my fellow MSUans and it is my prayer that the participants will be able to write their posts better with the learnings from the blogging seminar. Padayon!

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