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Word of Thanks



JR Lopez Gonzales 8:20 PM 1

I wrote the article The "white skin" standard in Filipina beauty for a couple of hours before posting it online about two weeks ago. Never did I imagine that it'd be viral again next to my 8List article written last February.

I have to say that it was the perfect example of the old adage that "timing is everything". Considering the fact that I have the preliminary critique draft written two years ago. But for some reason, I shelved it and was just reminded to continue writing about it in lieu of Megan Young's Miss World win (And yes, I'm not a international pageant buff, thank you).

The repost at Yahoo! Philippines.
So, it was a bit of a surprise when Karl De Mesa contacted me saying that GMA News Online's interested to repost the article, three days after I posted it on my blog.

Well, it was in fact the second time GMA News contacted me regarding my articles. The first one is regarding Tito Sotto's plagiarism issue, but due to my Facebook hiatus last year, I wasn't able to notice the message sent to my 'Other' folder.

That's why this blog sends its many thanks to GMA News Online for re-posting the article. And Yahoo! Philippines, too for reposting my article.
It was indeed, a surprise to see my article on the Top Stories of Yahoo! Philippines.
The article is once again dedicated to my beautiful mother, Grace Gonzales; and
to all the Pinays who are contented with their God-given hide.
As of this writing, the GMA News repost alone has 2,400 Facebook recommendations, 3,850 shares, 450 tweets, and shared 4,522 times in other social media sites.

And to wrap this up, I reiterate that beauty goes beyond skin color, it is timeless; and it doesn't expire.

You may download the printable copy of the article at:

Photo Credit:

Image taken from Carmela Lapena's article, "Dissecting the Pinoy white skin obsession" at

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1 comments Word of Thanks # 9: Going viral for the 2nd time

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