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» » » » » » » 10 Reasons Why Should Subscribe to MyLegalWhiz

JR Lopez Gonzales 4:42 AM 0

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MyLegalWhiz (MLW) is a dynamic and professionally-curated legal research database based in the Philippines. Truly an innovation in mobile research and technology, it was chosen "among the top pitching startups for Echelon 2013, the only Filipino startup that made the top list and among 10 aspiring projects"[1].

 it provides an easy access, not only on personal computers, but also in smartphones and tablets. MLW organizes topics realtime and even allows you to recommend new legal principles and terms to be included in your mobile updates!
So here are the top 10 reasons why you should subscribe to MyLegalWhiz [2]:

10 - It works in multiple devices.
You can access and enjoy MLW using your PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones, and any other device that has a web-browser. If you own more than one device, you don't have to get a separate account for each device, one account works for all. Plus, your account is synced among all your devices, so you don't have to worry about managing different content among different devices.

9 - It is convenient.
MLW can be accessed anytime and anywhere. With MLW, you can do your research even away from your office desk. MLW uses cloud-based technology that enables you to access your account anywhere in the world.

8 - It is dynamic.
With MLW, you can benefit from real-time updates. The MLW database is continuously being updated to keep abreast with the latest legal developments. Any updates are reflected immediately in your account without additional charge. You don't have to wait for the next edition or purchase another to get access to the latest developments in the legal field.

7 - It has a glossary.
Imagine a legal encyclopedia where legal terms, principles doctrines and phrases are defined and explained. The glossary is useful when you need to acquaint or just refresh yourself with a legal concept. The GLOSSARY summarizes important legal points on a legal subject with references to relevant case law. The GLOSSARY conveniently provides links to the full text of the cited cases for early references.

6 - It is personal.
MLW provides you with MY LEGAL RESEARCH which enables you to organize and customize your own library of cases. Tag your favorite case under customized folders for easy reference in the future.

5 - It has a NOTES/DIGEST system.
MLW allows you to create notes and digests while you are reading a case. The notes/digest can be saved and it will be displayed alongside the corresponding case so you can view them easily the next time you read the case.

4 - It has a Feedback system.
You can send a request to the MLW Team to research a legal principle or doctrine.

Legal research at the library? With MLW this will become a thing of the past.
3 - It allows you to aggregate information from various sources.
Legal articles, blogs, and other materials in various formats can be tagged and stored in you own folder system and included in your MY LEGAL RESEARCH.

2 - It lets you get access to reviewers.
MLW has partnered with top law schools (such as the Ateneo and UP), to make their law review materials available through the MLW system for a minimum additional fee.

1 - It is very affordable.
You only have to pay P999 to enjoy all the great benefits of MyLegalWhiz for 12 whole months.

You may contact MLW at:

To learn more, check out: * Just type MyLegalWhiz 

[2] The top 10 list is based on 10 Reasons to Love MyLegalWhiz at

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