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JR Lopez Gonzales 12:00 AM 12

I was watching the news hours ago, switching from one station to another, when suddenly a familiar face was shown and blown up in the evening news. A sobbing “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino has once again invaded TV news’ airtime. Nice job, ABS-CBN.


Well, judging from the rumors spreading around like wildfire, the current commotion is an issue that revolves around her, her former husband James Yap, and their son Bimby. It’s almost impossible not to get sucked in, considering the long-winding interview done by ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol to the actress‘personal life. Clearly, Kris Aquino is a hot-button issue by herself. Or so, the Filipino media thought.

This vivacious TV personality has a long string of fiascos, feats not expected from the daughter of famous Filipino political icons. It was in 2003 when she came crying to her mom, former President Cory Aquino, regarding her relationship with Joey Marquez (where people came to understand genital hygiene). Fast-forwarding it to this very moment, now the media’s eye is on the teleserye-like legal and custodial problems with basketballer James Yap. Truly, spanning for more than a decade, Kris Aquino has become an entertainment package all-in-one.

For this President Noynoy’s sister, no fence exists between the public's right to know and her private life. She currently continues here life’s drama for the nth time invading the long thread of talks and hashtags in the social media.

On why Kris Aquino has this superstar status, we can turn to her unique mix: pedigree coupled with a 'machine-gun' mouth. But this Filipino people’s ‘fascination’ with this Aquino specimen is but a manifestation of our country going down the tubes.

To illustrate, I remember my girlfriend’s Japanese friend happily telling her the good news that Philippine economy is performing well as she read it on the headlines of Japanese broadsheets. Place that thought side-by-side with the biggest and most important headline we currently have:  Kris Aquino’s private life. For God’s sake, our country has more problems than Miss Aquino’s misadventures.

The fact alone that she is a recognized part of Philippine daily life is already alarming. Equally so is the Filipino media which seemed to have a dependence on every aspect of her life. And thirdly, I have this slight problem on the Filipino viewing public which seem not get to enough of her.
Kris Aquino speaking out in public on her affair with Joey Marquez in 2003.
If I could use a wish right now, it would be Kris Aquino being erased from the Pinoy psyche. I’d be glad to will for her dissipation from the confines of our minds. That way, we can focus on other important issues of the country. And I want that to happen immediately, as in… now na!

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12 comments That Filipino Pastime Named "Kris Aquino"

  1. nganong nag apil-apil.... tagams.LOL

    1. Thanks for reading this post, Nathaniel. :)

  2. nice article bai !

    Siguro interested ang public about this issue, because psychologically the media wanted to let the public to compare their selves with kris and james. giving them the idea of " I'm better" than kris or james who is like this and like that. And from this idea gives the people the feeling of " comfort". and from this comfort results in control.

    and that the greater the comfort the greater the control. the greater the control the greater the consumers the, the greater the consumers the greater the advertisements and the greater the advertisements the greater the profits.

    " MONEY the artificial comforter of man"

  3. @Merk Paul:
    Yes, pwede pud bai. Ang kakuyaw lang jud bai is ang treatment sa media on Miss Aquino's private life. Mao man ila gihatag; which gives us the feeling nga mao jud pud ang gusto sa masa. Imbis na ubang issues; mao ni ang nahimo mang headline nuon. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  4. Pinanood mo pala je? Ako di na nag aksaya ng oras.. Its total bullshit.. greka nonsense..

  5. yes you're this news exploded..i expected this outcome

  6. @jr

    sakto jud ka bai! way klaro ni nga balita, murag gusto sa media nga e limit ato hunahuna, murag ginapakaon ta ug sagbot bisag dili ta ganahan. maayo kong kabaw ta.

  7. Sir @jr
    ning ana ka powerful si Kris sir! Queen of all Media gud daw xa, so e-media gyud iyang private life,naa pay supporters nga iyang mga sisterakas! MAski nag brownout to Sir, ga effort kog lantaw ug news sa ABS sa akong celfon! :))

    1. You are right. Tinuod, parang parte na talaga ng life kasi mahirap yatang iwasan. Hehehe. :D

  8. Pinapa-bobo kasi ng media ang viewing public. Imagine ilang minuto ang sinayang nila para ilathala ang kasinungalingan ni Kris e ang dami ng balita at impormasyon ang pwedeng ilabas sa mga minutong yun. Tsk. Tsk.

  9. "The fact alone that she is a recognized part of Philippine daily life is already alarming. Equally so is the Filipino media which seemed to have a dependence on every aspect of her life. " Nice one Sir JR! Galing. Clap2. Just now, that I have checked your uber witty blog! :D

    1. Hello, Kaye.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Feel free to share it to others, too. :-)


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