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JR Lopez Gonzales 5:40 PM 5

For a little disclaimer, this is not a photo blog and I'm just an amateur in taking shots. And yes, please ask for my permission before downloading these images. Salamat po!

Here are my amateur snapshots on one of the Philippines' top universities, my beloved Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)!

For the first set of the MSU-IIT photos, please click here.
For my "Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Enroll at MSU-IIT" article, click here.

Taking a snapshot of the CASS Rotunda.
Inside the IACET Building.
The lawn in front of the Library Building.
The MSU-IIT's Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG) is one of the country's best
and well-travelled performing arts group.
The MSU-IIT discipline: Strictly No Jaywalking.
The long walk at the School of Engineering Technology building.
The MSU-IIT Gym.
The MSU-IIT Hostel is the place where guests and visitors stay.
Took this shot while standing in between the COE and CSM buildings. At the far center is the nine-storey Elena Tower Inn outside the campus.
Stairs at the side of the COE building.
The MSU-IIT Coop - Main Office's building inside the campus.
Inside the CSM building.

The anterior of the Library Building.
A shot at the new School of Computer Studies building constructed at  second quarter of 2012.
The Museum Annex at the College of Science and Mathematics.

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5 comments MSU-IIT Photos: Walking Around the MSU-IIT Campus (Part 2)

  1. wow! ang ganda ng MSU-IIT!!! How I wish na maka punta ako dyan..
    Gustong kong ma tour lahat ng campus ng MSU since MSuan din ako

    1. Hi, Yadu. Thanks for dropping by. MSU-IIT is indeed a beauty. Hope you visit the campus; it isn't far. :)

  2. I hope to see pictures of College of Business Administration, College of Nursing, football field and basketball court. Please include them soon :(

  3. I would like to ask permission to download your photo of the MSU-IIT Hostel. I'll be using it for school purposes only. Thank you in advance. - IIT Student.

    1. Hello, Anonymous.
      Yeah, it's ok. But please cite it properly that it came from this blog. I guess telling me your name wouldn't hurt, too.


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