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» » » » » » Rest In Peace Jesamm Jed Catacutan: Narrative Account of Our Trip to Jed's Final Resting Place

JR Lopez Gonzales 9:01 PM 0

Eventhough we were faced with such a terrible loss, the batch is thankful to those people who showed their support to the bereaved family.

Yesterday was not an easy day for the delegates that went to Barangay Guinicolalay, Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur. It was a long trip starting from 5:00 in Iligan, to about 10:30 in the morning. Me, Glenice, Bebang, Feb, and Carol, met up with Bacolod for Dayana; while we passed by Mucas for Sam and Gerard.

It was a hard day of grieving and reminiscing Jed's moments with us. Add to that the long and winding 30 minute-rough road trip towards the far-flung barrio.

When we came there together with Jed's Aunt Daday and cousin Sandra, we extended our condolences to his mom. We individually came inside the room and looked at, what is going to be his last appearance. His father was first to show his grief upon tearfully saying that "Wala lang gyuy swerte..." (referring to Jed's demise).

Jed was decently dressed in his blue PNP uniform. He looked a bit slimmer probably due to his hard six-month training last year. On his coffin lay the Philippine flag and his police cap. A tarp can also be seen hanging beside him.

After a few moments, we were invited to their dining area for a late breakfast. All eight of us sat and chatted with occasional laughs on jokes. We didn't see it offensive though, for we just acted, just like when Jed is with us. Never-ending jokes and hirits.
Political Science Class of 2009 with Jesamm's parents.

The bereaved Catacutan Family.
The batch with Jesamm's parents and his only brother Jed Mark (who looks a lot like Jed, too).

After a while, we went outside and sat on monoblock chairs under the shade of a trapal placed in the anterior of their house. There, we assembled our chairs in a circle and shared our individual funny moments with Jed. Each had their moment of sharing how Jed was in College. There were laughs and tears in the entire talks as Jed's relatives also sat down and listened to the conversation.

The parents affirmed that the Jed we knew was also the Jed their son, cheerful and always happy. Like on what JR summed up, the main purpose of our long trip is to show support and concern to their son. Jed would also help and do the same if the mishap happened to somebody else from the batch. After the chats, the delegates extended the collected financial support coming from our classmates all over the world (special mention to Kuya Ubing). We shared ten thousand four hundred fifty pesos (P10,450) to the family. The parents are obviously delighted for the support.
Political Science Class of 2009 (Carol Anne, Samuel, Gerard, JR, Glenice,
Dayana, Genevieve, and Feb Ian).

We then watched the tribute video presentation to Jed on a huge flatscreen TV placed outside. All of the people there including us, the relatives and parents, watched the video montage.
After doing so, we went inside for lunch, we saw Jed Mark, Jesamm's brother break down in hard tears. JR, Feb, and the others comforted Jed's only brother. The delegates then, after calculating the back-and-forth fare for the van, bade goodbye to the parents. The team stayed there for about three hours, due to time restraints. All in all, the whole travel took about ten hours for most of us.

The Political Science Class of 2009 proved once again that we are together, not just for happy times, but also for trying times. Our thanks to everyone who extended their support, concern, and care to our gentle giant.

Just before we leave, we were told by the relatives that they felt that Jed had a bit of a smile when we finally got there. True or not, what is undeniable is that, at the end of the day, our show of support for the bereaved made everyone feel better.

Jed was brought to his journey's end earlier this morning; he was buried at their clan's lot.

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