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JR Lopez Gonzales 3:02 AM 3

As many of my friends know, I've lost a lot of my valuables to that fateful flood of December 17th last year. Almost two months now after the great flood, I was scouring over my stuffs that were thrashed in a dump in front my room when the thought of making an artistic memento struck me. 

Cleaning the anterior of my room 2 days after the flood.
Aside from February being the "Love Month" in the Philippines, the country also considers it as the "National Arts Month". And with this, I find this opportunity of sharing this artwork timely.

I've always loved humanoid robots when I was young; it became my inspiration for this sculpture. After spending a total of four hours from conception to application, here's my humble attempt on an artistic sculpture from recycled materials. Feel free to share!

Name: Gundam W [Washi]
Type: Artistic Sculpture
Media: Mixed
Dimensions: 10"x15"
Here are the materials that I've used for this artistic sculpture (special thanks to my glue gun):

1. Toothpaste cap
2. Aluminum bottle tab
3. Twisted wire
4. Chess pieces

5. Damaged Digital Camera body
6. Broken pair of scissors
7. Damaged CD
8. Energizer AA Battery

Arms, Legs and Feet
9. Ball-point pen
10. Broken Clothes hanger
11. Ceiling Fan part
12. Zonrox bottle's mouth
13. Nokia Charger Case and
14. Nokia Charger Plug
15. Broken Floor Tile

16. Outlet
17. Damaged Nokia 3310 Circuitry
18. Charger Pin Adapter for Sony Ericsson

19. Disposable Razor
20. Damaged Kingston Flashdrive part
21. Broken mirror
22. Nokia Charger Circuitry and
23. Nokia Charger (Large pin)
24. Broken Clothes Hanger
25. Unknown plastic piece

More pictures of my Gundam [W]ashi:


As stated, all these materials were the remnants of the typhoon's destruction. While this may ignite one to look at garbage in a whole new way; I believe its greater message is resiliency. 

I believe that something good can still happen after the heavy rains in our lives when we try our best to move on and get our act together. Babangon pa rin tayo Pilipinas!

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3 comments An Artistic Robot Sculpture Made from Junk

  1. waaah artistic kaayo! :) pero kakalungkot naman na kasama ka pala dun sa naapektuhan ng baha.. life!

  2. Thanks, Nardxz. You're right... that's life. :)

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