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» » » » » » » » » Typhoon Sendong hits Iligan, Cagayan de Oro; hundreds dead, missing

JR Lopez Gonzales 2:05 PM 3

This year's celebration of Christmas in Iligan City would never be the same again.
Just almost a week before Christmas Day, a flashf flood has hit the two cities brought by the Typhoon Sendong which started at one o'clock in the early morning yesterday.

The Friday night before that (December 16), at about ten o'clock strong whirling winds started to pound the city. At about one o'clock, the power was cut off in the entire city. Then, the flash flood came together with strong winds of Typhoon Signal No. 2. The houses and villages near the mountains felt the strong rains eroding the mountains.

The waters then rushed down towards the city at by 3:30, it has already submerged the downtown areas of Orchid Village, barangays Pala-o and San Miguel, and Saray. Some areas of Barangay Luinab, Barangay Tambo, Santa Filomena, Barangay Hinaplanon, including Bayug Island, wherein the solo hanging bridge that brings people in and out the place was destroyed thus, trapping the residents on the said low-lying village. All the rivers in Iligan overflowed and reached levels that were never seen before. In some parts, people have to use boats and paddles in order to traverse. Some are left waiting for help on the top of their roofs.

The typhoon that hit the city at an early pitch dark left a lot of people dead. According to unconfirmed reports of the Red Cross, 145 were the body count collected in the entire city as of 2 PM yesterday. While a lot of volunteer organizations say that a total of 300 casualties is still a 'conservative' estimate considering the large number of people considered missing. Of this number, the casualties are from all walks of life, both young and old. From the casualty counts, four MSU-IIT students were confirmed to be dead, there are also some professors believed to have perished, too. Some funeral homes would even refuse to accept some dead bodies because of it can't accommodate bodies anymore. Only at about 7 PM did the power get back.

Billions worth of property were destroyed in the city where it is believed that the city proper served as a basin that was trapped between the waters that rushed from the mountains and the bashing of the waves. As of the moment, more than 2,000 families were displaced and some sought refuge at the MSU-IIT Gymnasium for shelter and direct assistance.
Cagayan de Oro City on the other hand, was also bombarded by heavy rains. According to credible reports, the areas hit by flood are Gensaugon, Carmen Riverside, Isla de Oro, and Villa Candida, while all the houses near Carmen River were washed out by the typhoon. Estimated number of people dead as of 7 PM last night for CDO is about 300. There's still no exact numbers for the number of missing people.
Damage brought by Typhoon Sendong near rotunda and Tomas Saco

You may contact the Red Cross in both areas or check out these sites if you wish to offer help:
OneforIligan Interactive Map

Donations to Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Account:

Account Name: JR Lopez Gonzales
Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands, Iligan City
Account Number: 9359-1294-13

Writer's Note:
The writer opted not to show the faces of the people who died in the posted pictures in respect to their families and their dignity as human beings.

Picture Credits:

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3 comments Typhoon Sendong hits Iligan, Cagayan de Oro; hundreds dead, missing


    Iligan status report from Office of the Mayor as of 1130pm, December 18: No more rains so far. 5k displaced families, 27,605 dependents. 212 dead, 447 missing. Est damage: P500M. Bgys affected: 21

  3. LATEST UPDATE (as of December 19, 11pm): number of dead bodies found in
    iligan city: 279
    CDO: around 500


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