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» » » » » » » » Pacquiao versus Marquez 3: Pac-Man retains WBO Welterweight Crown

JR Lopez Gonzales 2:35 PM 2

MGM Grand, Las Vegas – The 'People's Champ' Manny Pacquiao retains his WBO Welterweight title against Juan Manuel Marquez in the third installment of their epic trilogy, “Unfinished Business” going down to the judges' decision: 14-14, 15-13, and 16-12 in favor of the Filipino slugger.

It is remembered that their first meeting ended up in a controversial draw in 2004, while the second ended in a split decision in 2008. The eight-time world division champion and reigning pound-for-pound king defeated Marquez by a majority decision that finally ended their trilogy.
Manny Pacquiao failed to unload his flurry of bombs like this during the match.
The two warriors felt out each other's strength and speed. At the fourth round, Pacquiao unleashed his flurries of combinations but was not enough to bring the Mexican down to the canvas.

As the match progressed, it is but obvious that Marquez got the better end of Pacquiao by perfectly timing his counter-punches on the Filipino's one-two combinations. Pacquiao, most of the time, brings the fight to Marquez by directing its aggression and lunging towards the other in the rounds 6, 7, and 8.

Marquez proved to be the better ring tactician by perfectly timing his right cross on Pacquiao's left chin. Pacquiao failed to bring his A-Game of throwing bushels of punches due to Marquez's deadly sneaking punches everytime Pacquiao's guards are down till the end of twelve rounds.

This match proved to be another controversial match, this time around due to the fact that "Dinamita" Marquez dominated and seemed to have clearer shots on Manny's face filling it with welts, a cut in the right eyebrow and a busted lip.

Just after the last bell sounded, it is seemed apparent on Manny's reaction that he himself was not satisfied with his performance. Manny was unable to display his flurry of punches against the nimbler Marquez.

The ringing reaction of dismay because of the decision can be felt inside the stadium filled mostly with Mexican boxing fans. There was a loud echo of displeasure about the fight's result where people booed at Pacquiao when interviewed by HBO's Max Kellerman moments after the fight.

Marquez looked like the better fighter on the ring. Most boxing fans were bewildered and left to ask on how it was scored and why the win for the Filipino pugilist. Most analyst speculated that at the start of these kinds of matches, the champion already has an edge and that Marquez has to put up an "ultra-stellar" performance to beat the eight-division world champion. Another point raised is due to Marquez's inability to engage with the fight as he would simply wait for the attacks of Pacquiao for his signature counter-punches.

The statistics after the fight would help us tell how and why the win was given to the Filipino fighter: Pacquiao has thrown 578 punces connecting 176 while Marquez had 436 with 138 punches connecting. On jabs, Pac-Man threw 304 with 59 connecting compared to Marquez's 182 with 38 connecting shots. And lastly, on powerpunches, Pac had 274 with 117 connecting as to that of the Mexican's 254 with 100 connecting.

But whatever the speculations on Pacquiao's win are, what is apparent is that both fighters stood up to their class. Basing on reactions in Las Vegas and the world, it still seemed the people want a fourth fight between the Filipino and the Mexican just to clear the cloud of doubt on this controversial win.

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2 comments Pacquiao versus Marquez 3: Pac-Man retains WBO Welterweight Crown

  1. Just re-'polishing' my sportswriting skills I had in high school. :)


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