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» » » » » How to Overcome Stress in Law School

JR Lopez Gonzales 11:43 AM 1

Studying law requires a lot of case reading.
If you are studying at law school while also being a full time employee, there are so many things that you would have to have to think about and more often you would find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you would have to do in so little time.

There would be times when major issues would arise and you will need to deal with all those things. Sometimes you might feel the need to choose your priorities. Sometimes you need to walk on a thin line to keep things on the right track. It could be very stressful and tiresome, and things could get a little too overwhelming. To help you keep your mental stability all throughout this crazy journey, here are some steps to keeping your head clear when taking up law in MSU Law Extension while working full time.

1. Set some goals and never lose your sight on them.

When you have decided to take up Bachelor of Laws you already have a goal that you wanted to achieve, whether it is a long term or a short-term plan. Put them all in writing, and put it up where you can always see it. This way you won’t be easily swayed by many enticing opportunities that could put your future in jeopardy.

2. Draft your studying strategies.

Once you have a clear view on what you wanted to get, plan out the strategies you are going to use to achieve your goals. You have to consider the pros and cons of any plans you are going to make, and find one that would have a better chance of succeeding. One lawyer who is currently my teacher taught us to measure our capability to read and absorb what we were reading so that we can get an estimate of how many hours we will be needing to study our subjects without having to resort to any cramming. You can ask for study advices from our law professors or you can devise one for yourself.

3. Organize your daily/monthly/yearly responsibilities.

It might be great if you can get yourself a planner. Full time employment while studying at law school would entail having to set aside a schedule so that you don’t get too stressed out by the tasks and duties you need to take on.  When creating

a schedule for yourself, you also need to give some time when you can relax and breathe in without worrying over anything. Despite the busy schedule you have, you need some time to distress. You might want to try doing some yoga or workout sessions, or set aside some time for family bonding or some alone time when you can meditate or just sleep. Full-time students/employees usually have less time for sleep, which is why there’s a widespread “eyebags competition” in every year level of MSU College of Law.

4. Don’t be afraid of admitting that you might not be able to do everything by yourself.
Even superheroes can’t do everything by themselves, and you are not some kind of a superhuman. If you think it is very difficult for you to keep up with doing the entire tasks by your self, then it might be some time that you call for help. You can ask your friend or if you are a member of a law fraternity/sorority, they might be able to help you with all the things that you need to do, such as studying and reviewing for your classes and exams. At the very least, they could help you unwind when you are almost dying from the stress of being a full time working law student.

5. When things are not going as planned, don’t let it get you down.

When you decided to take up law while you are a full time employee you are already taking a gigantic risk.

There would be times when things may not go as well as you wanted it to be, but you can’t keep thinking about negative things. You need to keep believing in yourself that you can do it despite all odds. Even the most intelligent geniuses had also experienced similar setbacks and challenges that you face, although it may be on a different scale. But as what you can see now, those admirable people have never wavered on their goals.

Life at law school might be too stressful but if you follow these steps, then you can overcome any challenges and setbacks you would have to face. You need to keep your head in the game. And when things seem to be going really crazy remember that you need to keep your sanity despite the many responsibilities that you have to carry on your shoulders.

This article appeared in The Nexus, the official schoolpaper of Mindanao State University - College of Law - Iligan Extension, by Glenice Joy Jornales.

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