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» » » » » » MSU College of Law - Iligan Extension holds 1st Luncheon Meeting

JR Lopez Gonzales 4:31 PM 2

The MSU College of Law- Iligan Extension, spearheaded by the Assistant Dean Alizedney Ditucalan, held a first-ever luncheon forum between students, admin, personnel, and faculty assessing the college and strategic planning at Gazpacho’s Place, on November 29, last year.

The forum was attended by twenty-five people*, more than half of it composed of the professorial lecturers. For the first part, it was suggested that there be a clear recording of financial matters. The event was graced with the presence of the Dean of the MSU College of Law Basari Mapupuno while Prosecutor Joselita Augusto was there to serve as the meeting’s secretary.

“There’s a need to earmark our collections”, said Asst. Dean Ditucalan, who presides the luncheon meeting. Judge Arassad and Atty. Mylene Macumbal also voiced out concerns regarding the collections while Atty. Andres seconds that there be a budget proposal in every flow of collection.

It was also agreed by everyone that there’s a need to improve and revise the current curriculum. Judge Oscar Badelles, who teaches Remedial Law, says that there are no Torts and Damages subject in 4th year or Corporation law. He stated that those are pre-requisites to his subject.

Assistant Dean Ditucalan reaffirms the need to reevaluate the curriculum. As the Law on Public Officers is in conflict with Political Review, he adds. “The University would evaluate Shari’a courses, too. Maybe Election Law should be merged into three units together with Administrative Law and Law on Public Officers as the Labor Standard should be raised from two units”.

Atty. Sadat Datu disclosed that some subjects should be taken earlier such as Labor Standard. Legal Accounting as well as social legislations should be added. Special penal laws should be a new subject while international humanitarian law and environmental laws must be incorporated to the prospectus. Professors also suggested adding the Intellectual Property Code, the enforcement of Corporate Governance, and Corporate Rehabilitation. Atty. Saidali Gandamra also showed support to the possibility of ad interim changes to the curriculum.

But it was the short yet forthright comment of Former Judge Paguio that awakened the spirits within the room. “We should have quality graduates. And with the current status of our students, some should even be brought back to high school judging on their English proficiency!” he added. Professors all agree that more than half of the students have poor command of English.

Atty. Pasilan concurred to former Judge Paguio’s sentiments that the school must produce “quality and Bar material” graduates and suggested doing a school-to-school campaign and not just wait for new enrollees. “There should also be standard number of students per section”, he appended. Atty. Hariz Jabbar Disocor, who graduated from Xavier University says that the College may follow the “3-strike rule” for the students to be mindful of their grades.

“When I was in San Beda, we have 15 sections in the first year classes but this will be trimmed down to two or four sections in the final year” Judge Badelles said. Atty. Khaliquzzaman Macabato also suggested that the screening in admission be made stricter while the freshmen would subsidize the senior students.

Salary increase was also brought out because the basic 200 pesos/unit was too minute. Administrative Officer Naomi Grageda says that the usual issue of late submission of grades should be resolved. She suggested that there be probations proportional to the units of the professor’s load. Representatives from the studentry; from SLSC and The Nexus.

The meeting was successful under the helm of the new assistant dean. Changes should come after the day’s talk and work. 

* Thank you so much to Mr. Anonymous in pointing out this typographical error.

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2 comments MSU College of Law - Iligan Extension holds 1st Luncheon Meeting

  1. who the hell wrote this??? This is a disgrace! Full of redundancies! Kicked off by this phrase: "The event was attended by twenty-five attendees . . . ? duh! hahahaha!

  2. Hello, Anonymous. Thank you so much for pointing out some typographical error. I wrote this article and yes, there are typos. Thank you very much for letting me know. We would be happy to have you as a writer for our school paper if you think that you write better than the way you complain, Mr. Anonymous.


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