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» » » » » Ten Things to Remember During an Earthquake

JR Lopez Gonzales 9:48 AM 0

These 10 safety measures just might save your life during the occurrence of a strong earthquake: 

1. If accessible, go to an open space like an open field or a wide lawn. If it isn’t possible, seek shelter under strong furniture during the initial tremor.

2. If the building is still perceived to be hazardous after the initial tremors, get out to a safer, open place.

3. Avoid seeking shelter near shelves, unstable or high piled materials, or hanged objects that could fall. Stay away from glass windows, panelings, and doors, too.
4. If inside a building, never use the elevator. But in case you are inside an elevator during an earthquake, exit at the nearest floor immediately. Push the emergency call button for assistance if ever the car stops.

5. After the earthquake, do not use the elevator until evidently safe.

6. Have your flashlights and batteries ready in case such disaster occurs at night.

7. After the trembling, rescue trapped persons and help in evacuating the injured. You may also administer first-aid to the injured people before professional medical assistance arrives.

8. Secure your property from looters. You may also assess the extent of the damage report that to bank officials.

9. Store food, water, medicine, matches, and other essential items for emergency use. Tune in to radio stations for news and safety advisories.

10. More importantly, have the presence of mind and don’t panic.

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