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JR Lopez Gonzales 2:42 PM 0

MACAU, China  - Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2, 39 KOs) pulled out a masterful unanimous decision win, flooring the American challenger Chris Algieri (20-1-0, 8 KOs) six times in successfully defending his WBO welterweight title at the Venetian Macao, minutes earlier.

On the first round, Pacquiao showing his strength early with a left straight left an early bruise to the upper right face of the New York native. On the second, the Filipino fighter launched a left straight with 1:47 remaining which looked like a slip but ruled out by the referee as a knockdown. Pacquiao’s speed is apparent as he continues to stalk the younger Algieri.

On the third, Pacquiao continues his assault with much of his right cross landing on target. Algieri occasionally was able to hit the Filipino fighter with his lead right but with minimal damage. In the fourth, Pacquiao successfully landed a left uppercut with 1:55 remaining. Algieri continued to backpedal in order to get out of harm’s way.

In the fifth, a short right jab was unleashed by the fightingcongressman in the early ticks which landed on the undefeated Algieri’s left cheek. Another snappy right landed, 55 seconds remaining in the fight.

On the sixth, Pacquiao once again asserted his dominance with quick combinations to the agile Algieri. Hitting the American upstairs and downstairs, the Filipino fighter landed a strong right which led to the literal tumbling of Algieri for the second knockdown in 1:16. With forty seconds left in the sixth, Pacquiao was once again able to floor Algieri in the corner.
In showing resilience, Algieri was still able to stand up and continue for the next two rounds, although most of the time he refuses to engage with the 8-division world champion.

In the ninth, the Filipino boxer unleashed fierce combinations to the body and to the face of the undefeated Algieri. The American was once again floored with 1:17 remaining and :29 leaving him down and on his backside. Referee Genaro Rodriguez, however, stopped the fight momentarily, while Pacquiao was still punching. It led to a bit of confusion when after a couple of ticks, he resumed the fight . After being knocked down, the taller Algieri continues to backpedal wishing for a possible lucky punch as a last saving grace.

On the tenth, another Pacquiao left lead landed on unaware Algieri which sent him to the canvas for the sixth time. Algieri walks back to his corner with a look that says "I'm-still-in-this-but-I-don't-know-what-else-to-do". Further rounds ensued with not much sign of Algieri marching forward yet. And just before the final ticks in the twelfth, Pacquiao dominantly landing his signature combinations to the backpedalling Algieri.

"Manny is the best in the world at fighting like Manny Pacquiao", loser Chris Algieri reveals in the post-fight interview. While Bob Arum expressed optimism in the possibility of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight next year, the Filipino boxer leaves it to the negotiations but emphasized that he remains to be ready against anyone that will be pitted against him.

Scorecards: 119-103, 119-103 and 120-102.

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