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» » » » » » » » » » » » 10 Unusual Laws from Around the World (Part 2)

JR Lopez Gonzales 12:00 AM 0

Laws help society function. They spell out what behavior is considered acceptable and what is not. Some actions, such as murder, are regarded as criminal across the globe. Most countries also have their own unique laws. Here are some of the more unusual.

1. In Hawaii,  billboards are illegal [1].

2. Doors in public buildings in Florida, must open outward.
3. Whales captured in the sea around England are the property of the monarch. Whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sturgeons are considered as “royal fish”, and when taken become the personal property of the monarch of the United Kingdom as part of his or her royal prerogative. Whalebone was used to make corsets, which was a wardrobe essential for fashion-conscious queens [2].

4. You can't sell your eye in the Texas State.
5. France mandates that 40 percent of all TV programming and all music played on TV or the radio must be French. Canada requires that 60 percent of broadcast-television programming be of domestic vintage, as well as 35 percent of the music played on the radio during prime time [3].

6. In New Hampshire, it is against the law to check in to a hotel using false names. Picking up seaweed at the beach is also not allowed during nighttime.
7. Water guns cannot be used in the New Year’s celebrations in Cambodia.
Some pesky revelers have been known to fill water guns with sewage and spray passing traffic. Yuck! Smells like trouble.

6. Members of Parliament in the UK are forbidden to wear suits of armor in Parliament.
Amazingly, this law dates from 1313.

9. Watch out for cows in the streets of India.
They have right of way. Cows are sacred to the Hindu religion and are allowed to roam free.

Rocks, not "The Rock".
10. In Colorado State parks, you are not allowed to mutilate, deface, disfigure or injure... rocks.



[1] This factoid, including the other seven featured on this entry that is hasn't been cited, are all taken from the "Mental Floss" YouTube Channel at

[2] Adapted from: "Law Tour" from Nottage, Claire, et al. (2007). "Do Not Open: An Encyclopedia of the World's Best-Kept Secrets". New York: DK Publishing, Inc.

[3] Taken from: Louis Chunovic (2005).“Why People Love America”. US: Sanctuary Publishing.

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