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Word of Thanks



» » » » » » » Word of Thanks (Part 10)

JR Lopez Gonzales 1:00 PM 0

The previous month was a long month for me due to the pile of final exams I have to take. Despite this, let me express my gratitude for the continued patronage and support for this blog on the 10th installment of Word of Thanks.

First of all, let me thank you for all the views this blog has and for the thousands of our readers here and abroad. This blog has now has more than 290,000 views! Maraming salamat po!
How the blog looked last year.
Visiting this site would be a new treat for those regular readers because thanks to 2012 Google Map Maker Reynard Navarro, he gave this blog an overhaul. It looked sleeker due to his expertise. Salamat gid, Nards!
How it looked now.
Many thanks to Rappler for featuring my article on the Mindanao Peace Situation.

I also express my thanks to the OSG - OrdoƱez Division lawyers Armi Bayot and Noel Segovia for sharing my article.
On the other hand, I would like to thank GMA News Online for reposting another article of mine. The article entitled “Why Filipinos love to sing” was read by more than was shared by more than.
For the reposting of my article on their sites, I also would like to thank the site Christian Filipinas, Tubag Bohol, the City of Bacolod, Anak Mindanao, and Gossipler: Jessica Sanchez.

My thanks also go to National Unity Party for sharing my article.

Thanks to King of Wishful Thinking at Weebly for featuring my blog title.
On a separate note, I would like to inform everyone that starting this day, I would temporarily be inactively blogging as I prepare myself for my exams later this year. However, I prepared some scheduled posts once in a while.

This will be a long hiatus yet I know that I’d still get back blogging before the year ends. Thanks a lot and wish me luck! :)

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