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Word of Thanks



JR Lopez Gonzales 3:26 PM 4

For the ninth installment of my Word of Thanks, I would like to extend my thanks to those people who read my articles and untiringly share it in the cyberspace both in their respective websites, blogs, and Facebook groups.

First up, many thanks to the website Empower Network for citing my DocStoc document on the “Senatorial Candidates for the 2013 Elections”.

Tara Sa Divisoria blog also cited my blog in an article they wrote about the rap battle scene in the Philippines.

Thanks to Higadu Blog also for citing my blog in their opinion article on the state of education in the Philippines.

For my article on the Anti-Cyber Crime Law, many thanks to fellow blogger Mr. C. for citing my blog.

In YouTube, I also would like to thank Ysaye02 Channel for acknowledging my blog as the source for my photo they included in their Orphans! video.
Many thanks to Exterra by Qure It, Inc. who featured my Top 10 Dengue Prevention Tips in Facebook.

Still in Facebook, I extend my thanks to Philippine Government Under Scrutiny for sharing my article entitled, “Top 10 Biggest Spenders in the Senate”.

This fellow sure gave me a surprise as I was checking out my Facebook account. I discovered that this guy named his album, “”. Thanks, dude.

Thanks to Facebook group, Showbiz Government for once again features my article (this time, the Top 10 Biggest Spenders in the Senate) in their 47,500-strong members.

Lastly, many thanks to Associate Solicitor General Karl Miranda for ushering me to a one-on-one meeting with the former Senator Aquilino Pimentel last month. It was one of the highlights of my stay at the OSG Summer Legal Internship Program.

A few more views and the blog would finally reach the 200,000 mark - thanks to all of you readers! Daghang Salamat!

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4 comments Word of Thanks (Part 9)

  1. May you also find my blog a wide unknown alley to gather pebbles of wisdom. Congratulations and namaste--J. B. Villegas author

    1. Hello, Ma'am J.B. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've read the "Bibimbap-Tiger Mom" article, nice juxtaposition. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Salamat sa mga tam-is nga pulong, Yadu. Thanks for dropping by, once again. :-)


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