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Next year’s Philippine midterm elections are fast approaching and it paints an all too-familiar image once again: candidates that are ei...



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Word of Thanks



JR Lopez Gonzales 3:07 PM 3

I never really expected that my article, “8 Things Younger than Senator Juan PonceEnrile” would be a viral hit for the netizens on that fateful day of February 19th. For a couple of days after submission, I even thought that my article didn’t make the cut. But just after 24 hours, the Facebook shares reached 8,000 and about 1,500 likes. A day after it was posted by 8List, it was also shared 250 times in Twitter, and 3 in Pinterest. Such feat of the article made it one of the most shared articles after 24 hours that it has been posted. Now it is the second most popular post at the 8 List website.
JPE and JR

I was enthralled to know that a day after my article was posted, I was asked by the 8 List Editorial Team if I can be a regular contributor; it was an honor for me. Given my hectic law schedule however, I told the editor that I can’t for the moment; but promised the team that I’ll be sending my articles in the near future.

Thanks to journalist Jenny Reyes and Aika Robredo for sharing my article to their followers. By the way, Below are some of the people who shared by article to the thousands of their Twitter followers:
Rappler’s Move.PH
Shares at the Pinoy On-line journal, “Hot Manila”
I owe the 8 List Team a lot for the ‘8’ minutes of fame. I am grateful to the 8List team for posting my submitted article without revisions. Credits also go to the Layout Team for the magnifique visuals done for the article. Whoever is responsible for that cutesy caricature of JPE, truly deserves the doffing of our hats.
No, Senate President Johnny in Riles. I’m not making fun of you, sir.

Shares at FB Group, “ShowBiz Government”

Minutes ago, I peeked at my article again to find that Facebook likes already amount to 3,300 and shared 13,400 times! It was also tweeted 700x and shared 10x at Pinterest. To all the readers and those who shared my article, thanks a lot. Salamat ug padayon lang ‘ta. More good things are yet to come. Salud!

(BTW, my inflated Top 10 Things Younger than Senator Juan Ponce Enrile can be read here).

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3 comments Word of Thanks #8: Yeeha, I’ve gone viral!

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