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» » » » » » Donaire overpowers Nishioka, retains championship titles

JR Lopez Gonzales 2:03 PM 0

CARSON, California - The ‘Filipino Flash’ Nonito Donaire, Jr. brought the Japanese ‘Speed King’ Toshiaki Nishioka down the canvas 1:54 remaining in the ninth round to retain his IBF & WBO Super Bantamweight titles and capture the vacant The Ring & WBC Diamond Super Bantamweight titles in the jam-packed The Home Depot Center.

At the outset, both fighters felt out each other to the dismay of the Californian crowd who just witnessed the electrifying undercard see-saw match between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado.

At the second round, the aggression of the Filipino fighter became obvious as he unleashed his 3-punch combinations to the face of the Japanese. This went on until the third round where the snappy punches of Donaire intimidated Nishioka.

On the fourth round, Donaire continued to make his presence felt by hitting the Japanese in the body to the idle Nishioka. During the fifth round, the feet of both fighters occasionally tangle due to the fighters’ differing stances. The crowd had occasional boos clearly asking for more action from Japanese pugilist.

On the sixth round, the punch-thrift Japanese responded to Donaire’s punches but a solid left uppercut to Nishioka’s face sent the Japanese to the ground. In the seventh, the Japanese continued to backpedal clearly in respect to the Filipino’s firepower and quickness. Up until the eighth round, the Japanese continued with his defensive style of immediately covering up after unleashing snappy jabs to Donaire.

The patient Donaire finally reaped the better end of the match with a cruel right straight while the Japanese while pinning him against the ropes. Referee Raul Caiz stopped the fight after the World Junior Featherweight Champion Donaire landed an uppercut following Nishioka’s second knockdown.

Donaire clearly showcased his punching prowess with a hint of tactical precision to redeem himself, improving his record to (30-1, 19 KOs) ending the eighth year no-loss streak of the Japanese boxer.
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