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» » » » » » » Nonito Donaire, Jr. overpowers Jeffrey Mathebula via unanimous decision

JR Lopez Gonzales 1:32 PM 0

CARSON, California - Four-division Filipino world champion Nonito Donaire has cemented his reputation in the sweet science of boxing as he defeated the towering South African pugilist and former Olympian, Jeffrey Mathebula by a dominating unanimous decision victory to bag  the unified WBO Super Bantamweight and IBF Super Bantamweight belts in a sold-out The Home Depot Center minutes earlier.

Mathebula, who only got three losses prior to the fight, was heavily bombarded with left hooks from the Filipino slugger that left him groggy in the early ticks. Despite the Mongoose’s large and reach advantage, the Filipino slugger was able to maintain his composed aggressiveness as he punches and stalks the South African.

In the fourth round, a left hook shocker left the slender opponent to the canvas to the frenzy of the California crowd. Blood was already oozing from the nose of Mathebula forty minutes remaining in the seconds obviously looking hurt.

In the fifth round, vicious right straights were released by the Filipino flash that accurately landed on his targets. Mathebula employs his jabs to ward off attacks from his smaller opponent clearly to survive the rounds.

The South African Olympian’s recurring strategy was ‘hit-and-run’ much like the match between the smaller Manny Pacquiao versus Mosley in 2010. The Mongoose lost his feistiness as he backpedalled most of the time to elude the flurries from the four-time Filipino world champion. This went on from the middle to the last rounds to the dismay and boos of the crowd. The Filipino switch-hitter continues to stalk and score despite his opponent’s failure in engaging with him in a toe-to-toe match.

Mathebula covers up and continues to run away from the barrage of Donaire until the final round to the frustration of boxing aficionados and television viewers alike.

Nonito Donaire Jr. improves his boxing record to 29 wins (with 18 via knockout) and one loss. Mathebula is the second South African fighter to face with a Filipino fighter in a championship match. First was in the big break of Manny Pacquiao versus Lehlonoholo Ledwaba in 2001.

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