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» » » » » » » » » » » » » 10 Things to do to Help Solve Global Warming

JR Lopez Gonzales 8:49 AM 0

We can help save the planet by doing these ten little things. To green and beyond!

1. Buy local food. Buy fresh food and minimize the consumption of frozen foods.Eat less meat. Meat products produce methane that warms the atmosphere.

2. Use Less. In shopping, you may use cloth bag. You can also use recycled paper which saves a large number of trees. Have no more than two children.
3. Plant trees. You may collect rainwater for watering your plans.

4. At home, turn off appliances by unplugging from the outlets. Use clothesline instead of spin-dryers. Force yourself to do things that in some ways do not necessitate the use of machinery or appliances.

5. Have an energy audit and evaluate your power usage. Remember that ‘When we save power, we save money’.

6. Switch to green power. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs such as the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Install photo-voltaic panels at home or have a solar water heater.
7. For traveling, purchase the fuel efficient cars preferably the electric or hybrids. Keep the air full on tires every week. Walking and biking is advisable. Use public transport to get to your destinations. Air travel may be fast but it releases a lot of carbon dioxide to the air.

8. Use appliances that are CFC-free. Don't buy aerosols or halon fire extinguishers.

9. Use products that will last long. Don't litter. Have compost bins outside your house.

10. Be a catalyst. Talk to other people that Global Warming is happening. Talk to parents, friends, relatives, classmates, fratmates, and the likes on environmental issues and what to do about it. Watch documentaries which tackle on environmental issues like Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

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