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Word of Thanks



JR Lopez Gonzales 12:14 PM 3

Although I’ve started blogging a few years back, I have to say that my PoliTikalon Blog has achieved quite a lot for a political blog genre. The blog gets an average of more than a hundred views per day for the 16 months of its internet presence.

It in fact surpassed the 50,000th view yesterday. This blog was the brainchild of my now-defunct personal blog and I am extremely grateful to my readers and blog followers.

I’ve joined several blog competitions and luckily I’ve won two garnering the top prize in both contests. Shoutouts go to the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. for conferring me the 1st Place in the recently-concluded Triennial Blogging Contest. Thanks for the cash prize and plaque.

My thousand thanks also go to the people who featured and reblogged my win on the 5th Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Incorporated’s Triennial Blogging Contest. My shoutouts to a Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Cebu News Daily on featuring me and my winning piece. Same goes true to my fellow Mindanaon’s blog, “Contour Blog”, which also wrote a piece on my win. Thanks also the Province of South Cotabato for featuring me on their site.

An article about my blogging win two years ago posted in the Municipality of Tupi's website.
Thanks, Nanardxz for a well-written article. :)

This blog, was plugged in the ABS-CBN News Channel during my law debating stint in October last year. I thank these people who featured my blog on their respective blogrolls:



I also would like to thank the people who campaigned, endorsed, and talked about my articles in Facebook and in some forums:


To my blogging home, The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers and Friends, thank you so much for the humbling messages. To Sirs Avel and Orman Manansala and Nanardxz Navarro, thank you for the support.

Thank you, Association of IIT Alumni Foundation, Incorporated President Darwin Manubag and MSU-IIT’s Integrated Performing Arts Group Founder Stephen Patrick Fernandez for endorsing my articles about MSU-IIT. My thanks also go to those people who read and shared my blog to their peers.

Prof. Darwin Manubag shares PoliTikalon Blog to his friends on  Facebook.
Many thanks to IPAG Founder Stephen Patrick Fernandez for sharing my post.
Reminded me of the last line of my blog on the End of the World at

Thank you so much for the support, message of greetings, encouragements. The ball-point pen's tip would always roll. Padayon lang!

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3 comments A Word of Thanks (Part 5)

  1. Congratulations to Mr. Jr Lopez Gonzales for winning the 1st Place in the recently-concluded Triennial Blogging Contest of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. naks! galing! keep it up!!!
    see u soon ;-)

  2. kaw na JR ang blogging idol ko! :)


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