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» » » » » » » I Doff My Hat to South Cotabato Tambayan for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011

JR Lopez Gonzales 10:53 PM 2

I have never been a fan of blog entries endorsing for something else by someone else. But as I happen to visit the Philippine Blog Awards website, an awarding body for blogs made by Filipinos, I found out that bloggers like me have the power to vote for a single blog I like the most.
And I give my vote to the website, “South Cotabato Tambayan”  for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.

This website promotes the southern province in the ‘irresponsible media target’ called Mindanao. My home, Mindanao has been a constant target of negligent mainstream journalism – the media always fail to look at the island positively. It is as if the whole 26 provinces of the 97, 500 square kilometer-island is the place for trigger-happy terrorists, exploding bombs, and constant bloodshed.

This predicament is something that my fellow Mindanaoans also feel and can relate to. A lot of people view Mindanao negatively and with that, I doff my hat to ‘Nanard’ Navarro for creating and administering the South Cotabato Tambayan website.

This is South Cotabato. Images that were never portrayed by the media
but abounds in the South Cotabato Tambayan website.

It has been a venue for interaction between South Cotabateños and visitors, alike. It has been the avenue for news and current issues pertaining to the province and for Mindanao as well. South Cotabato Tambayan allows Filipinos and netizens abroad to have a look at that side of Mindanao that is often veiled by false information and sweeping negative generalizations.

I am one with the website’s cause of uplifting the image of Mindanao and letting people see and realize how beautiful the province is. In maintaining, administering, and rendering the service of letting people know without financial compensation – This blog, PoliTikalon: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales, salute the South Cotabato Tambayan website and I believe it deserves the spot in the Philippine Blog Awards.

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2 comments I Doff My Hat to South Cotabato Tambayan for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011

  1. Go Pintudurs! hahaha. Proud to be belong in the same region. :)


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