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» » » » » » » » Top 10 Warning Signs of Suicide

JR Lopez Gonzales 4:57 AM 0

Certain warning signs may indicate serious depression and the possibility of suicide. To prevent things from worsening, take any threat of suicide seriously, even if the person is already being treated for depression.

If you see any of these danger signs, call a doctor, mental health clinic or suicide hotline immediately:

10 – A sudden brightening of mood after a period of being depressed.

9 – Delusions or hallucinations, such as hearing voices.

8 – Actions or threats of assault, physical harm or violence.

7 – Unusually risky behavior, such as buying or handling a gun or driving recklessly.

6 – Threats or talk of death or suicide, such as “I don’t care anymore”, or “You won’t need to worry about me much longer”.

5 – Putting affairs in order, such as saying goodbye to friends, giving away prized possessions or writing a will.

4 – Pacing agitated behavior, frequent mood changes and sleeplessness for several nights.

3 – Withdrawal from relationships.

2 – Strong desire to be alone such as refusing to go to school or participate in group activities.

1 – Feeling of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness that usually have crying sessions.

Picture Credits:
Suicide image taken from
"Optimist Prime and Negatron" and "Mara Clara Crying Kid" from Facebook.

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