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» » » » » » » » Top 10 Dengue Prevention Tips

JR Lopez Gonzales 10:47 PM 6

Although there are some herbal cure for the dengue virus (such as the tawa-tawa herb), prevention is still the most important thing to do to avoid being bitten by dengue-carrying mosquitoes. It is better than any remedy. Here’s my Top 10 dengue prevention tips:

10 - When available, use air-conditioning. Attach screens to all windows and doors.

9 - Avoid hanging clothes in dark corners as these serve as hiding places for mosquitoes.

8 - Control wrigglers (“kiti-kiti”) in ponds by keeping larvae-eating fish like goldfish.

7 - Warn children not to play near still water for possibilities of being bitten by dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

6 - Discard items that collect rain or run-off water, especially old tires. Keep containers outside the home and gutters dry. Change the water in outdoor birdbaths and pet water containers once a week.

5 – Clean and replace the water in flower vases, fridge trays, storage bins, or pails once a week. Watch out for bromeliad plants, its funnel like leaves hold water.

4 - Insist that public-health officials safeguard your community by eliminating stagnant water sites in construction and wastewater treatment areas.

3 - Apply insect repellants on skin. Use mosquito patches, citronella sprays, bug bands (usually repels insects for 120 hours), or use high-tech gadgets such as the ultrasonic anti-mosquito repellant.

2 - When outdoors, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Wear longer clothing that covers exposed skin in the arms and legs to thwart bites.

1 - Sleep on a bed inside a mosquito net.

For the steps on how to make a Tawa-tawa tea against Dengue virus infection, click here.

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6 comments Top 10 Dengue Prevention Tips

  1. Hi Where I can find to buy this ultrasonic anti-mosquito repellant you have mentioned here?

    Dengue Prevention

  2. Hello, Arrielle. You may try one of these links for shopping info:

    And if all else fails, you may search for it at Good luck! :)

  3. In our area, there are news that buzzing around that 5 persons were infected by these epidemic. Well maybe through your steps on how to prevent dengue our community will soon be free to these threatening disease. I love the idea of using a mosquito net. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, Penny Queen.
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and thanks for the kind words, too. :-)

  4. These tips are really helpful. Thank you for sharing this. We can prevent Dengue by keeping our surrounding clean.

  5. These tips are really helpful. Thank you for sharing this. We can prevent Dengue by keeping our surrounding clean.


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