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» » » » » » Top 10 Complaints of Comic Strip Characters

JR Lopez Gonzales 7:37 AM 0

I love comics! I had a measly collection of vintage action comics back in grade school. I bought those at auctions, book sales, and some are gifts from my brother. I have X-Men, Icon, Static Shock, X-Factor, Superman, and Wonder Woman Comics. But I believe the comic strip characters, not like those from comic books face terrible unhappiness in life. Usually placed at the back or inside newspapers, I was able to write down their grievances of this cruel world.

Top 10 Complaints by Comic Strip Characters

10. Limited freedom / Can’t roam around.

9. Have to share page with horoscope or crossword puzzle.

8. Word balloon causes pressure on head.

7. Body out of proportion (Many have large heads).

6. Poor night life.

5. Dizziness, vomiting from smell of newsprint.

4. Teeth drawn like a mouthpiece / Individual tooth not seen.

3. “Is the world really colorless or am I just pale?”

2. “Garfield smells bad.”

1. “I don’t have thumbs!”

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