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» » » » » » » » On the Marcos and Erap Issue: Are We Dumb or Just Forgiving?

JR Lopez Gonzales 12:56 AM 0

Originally, this entry was posted on 19 May 2010. But for the purpose of elucidation of a certain point about the Marcoses, I opted to repost this article here.

Are we Filipinos dumb or just forgiving?

Twenty-eight years ago, our country faced a kind of government that curtailed the most basic of our liberties. The Marcos regime was marred by massive authoritarian corruption, despotism, nepotism, and political repression.

Erap para sa Mahirap nga ba?
From that period on, we went from Asia’s hero to zero. In 1986, we were so proud of ourselves being able to topple down the hideous martial law. But right now, what happened?

Three Marcoses back in the political scene. The eighty-year old Imelda is now a congresswoman, Imee’s a governor, and Ferdinand Jr. is now a senator. Are we Filipinos missing something?

 Probably we were just mesmerized with “Asikasong Bongbong” and the wind turbines on his political ads. But we forget the fact that these people should have been paying for what they have done for the country. They became affluent at the expense of the public’s money.

Almost twenty-five years ago the Marcoses fled in disgrace, but here we are, putting the three of them in political seats (without thinking of how much we can probably benefit from reselling Imelda’s jewels or one thousand million-dollar shoes).

Ramon Casiple, the Executive Director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, said Imelda and Imee's victories were expected since they ran in their stronghold. Okay, I concur. But how about Ferdinand Jr. (Bongbong)? Last elections, two leftist politicians who were among FM’s noisiest critics ran alongside him in the same party (Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza). From mortal enemies to friends, amazing. Those two are pretty forgiving like the 12 million-plus voters who supported him.

Another example of our "forgiving nature" is that of the one who claims to be "for the poor". I remember him well. He was the 13th president of the country who was, in 2007, found guilty of plunder and sentenced to reclusion perpetua. A little thanks to Noynoy, Erap failed to comeback as the 15th president (I am not a Noynoy supporter). But still what is alarming is, Erap surpassed the other ones with 9 million votes! Erasing Villar, Teodoro, Gordon, and the others off the scene.

Twelve million supporters for Bongbong, nine millions for Erap. Tell me, are we just dumb or forgiving?

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