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» » » » » » Very Well “Zed”: Interview with The New Assistant Dean

JR Lopez Gonzales 6:56 PM 0

With his recent appointment as the Assistant Dean of the College on June 16, last year, the feisty Atty. Alizedney “Zed” M. Ditucalan talks of the challenges and his plans for the college.

The Nexus chattered with him at his cozy office at Subejano-Ditucalan-Andres Law Offices in Brgy. Mahayahay as he shares with us his passion for photography, partying, and why students should wear the prescribed dress code.

Sir, you’ve come a long way after passing the bar exams in 2005. After 3 years at PAO, you became the youngest appointed Director of MSU at Legal Services Division, and now the youngest to serve as our Assistant Dean. How do you find your current position?

Interviewing Atty. Zed at his office in SDA Law Office at Brgy. Mahayahay, Iligan City.
I love what I’m doing. Many see me as strict but for me, a liberal iron-fist style is needed on my position. There are a lot of challenges and I have to meet my dreams for innovations. That’s why during the enrolment (June of last year), I was really there.

Yes. I bet, most if not all, would affirm that they saw you observing on the enrolment.
I was there to assess, to know and to observe such process and I think it is a bit messy.

So, it seems your assessment comes from fist hand view on matters and policies here in the college.
I’ve found out our problems through personal knowledge and assessment. You see, I’ve also studied here before eventually finishing my law degree in Marawi. Problems like the conflicts of schedule that leaves students no choice and a few of those that I knew many are complaining about.

Oh, I see. Talking about “problems” in the college, as the new assistant dean, how would you assess the present situation of our college?
I believe there are points for improvement. The curriculum should be revisited as some policies of the college should be checked (i.e. stricter admission).

You’ve mentioned some things on stricter admission, sir. How do you think can this be given solution?
I believe that diagnostics for comprehension should be done. The college may classify the first year sections into two: the qualified and unqualified. Law students should enroll to electives for English language improvement.

Having finished AB English here in MSU-IIT, I believe that this profession is a writing profession. Logical sentences are needed.

On our curriculum, what do you think should be refurbished?
Our curriculum should be bar-oriented. We only have three first takers who passed in 2008 and there has been a low percentage of first takers who passed it for the first time.

Our present curriculum was based on the curriculum they’ve proposed 22 years ago! With this issue of out datedness, I believe, the criminal law, penal laws, special penal laws, and others should be incorporated.

We need to additional units of International law, environmental laws, and we need to have International Humanitarian Law. Banking, Intellectual Property, additional units for Labor subjects, Commercial, Civil procedure; while others should be broken down.

The Law on Public Office and Election laws but it should be merged with larger units. Some Shari’s subjects can be fused, too.
Posing for documentation after the interview.

Ad interim revisions shall be passed to  the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs for further study and suggestions; as some subject offerings may not appear in the TOR. But nonetheless, it’s for the students’ benefit.

On the other hand, for the faculty members, steps should be made for them to feel that they belong. Enthusiasm can also be encouraged through a fair compensation. Our library should be improved, too.

These are the challenges. It seems like “moving heaven and earth”. But all should bear the brunt here. To be honest with you, the MSU President has already received a warning from the SC because of the system’s low passing rate.

What do you think are the preliminary things to consider for the realization of those plans?
I really do have a lot in mind. But basically, law students should realize how noble the profession is. One should not be mediocre like the college students. Change should start at the simplest.

This should be seen even uncomplicated things like wearing of the prescribed uniform. It’s a simple psychology, really. A law student’s life is supposed to be “self-learning”. To be independent despite the insults of professors or even if they maybe not present on classes. Students need to have a “sense of commitment”; we have to change our image.

On the tone of your answers, sir, it shows that you really are for innovations.
Yes.  I love innovations and on the present set up, I think the environment is probably not working properly. On some concerns, our rooms are charged with a higher rate now. That’s why I believe a bigger space is needed for the offices are too small. I just hope I will not fail.

I have to affirm with that sir. I’ve witnessed our shift of classrooms from CASS, CBA, up to the tiresome 4th floor stairs of the College of Nursing.

There should be constructive existence between the MSU-IIT and the Extension class, be that as it may, our college has been serving the Iliganons. Seventy percent (70%) of Iliganon lawyers from MTC, RTC, prosecutors, and judges are graduates of our college.
That is a huge percentage, right there. Being the new assistant dean faced with awfully a lot of challenges, what are your visions for the MSU College of Law – Iligan Extension?
I want the students, the graduates, to be proud. Not be braggadocio but be proud that he or she graduated from the College of Law in Iligan City.

We can change. We can cater to MSU-IIT graduates, who are very qualified. I want us to be at par with other established law schools and be one of the prestigious in the South.

And that requires the students to their part, too.

Yes. I need your maximum tolerance for changes in policies. I need them, you, to fulfill and realize the mountains of challenges ahead. We should have sheer determination, too.

Very well said. You seem so very serious in your profession, sir. Aren’t you?
In the profession: Yes. Real life: no.

At work, I have this “I-don’t-care-if-you’re-my-brother” mentality. That’s probably why some are not happy with my policies but I am not “me” at the college. Outside the college, I am different.

Amiable, happy-go-lucky, and I love going out to party at night. You see, there’s a big gap between me and my profession. The profession can be tiring sometimes that’s why I go do photography on my spare time. I am a proud member of Iligan Camera Club.

On a lighter note, last question ladies at the college would definitely want to know: Are you still available, sir?

Yes. But work is my priority [laughs].

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