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JR Lopez Gonzales 8:23 PM 0

This year’s bar examination is yet to experience several changes. Aside from the implementation of the multiple questions type of exam, the Supreme Court chooses a new venue, and instead of September, the schedule is also moved to November.
From the customary Taft Avenue in DLSU, the exam for aspiring lawyers is moved to the 400-year old University of Santo Tomas at A.H. Lacson St. corner Dapitan Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

A lot of people are speculating that the bombing incident is one of the reasons for changing venues but Court spokesman Atty. Midas Marquez assured that such change was not influenced by the grenade blast which happened during the last bar exam as many have speculated.

“Blame it to the rains”, Marquez said in a press conference in Manila, reasoning why the bar exams will have to be moved to November from the familiar September schedule.

Taft Avenue, the area where DLSU was located, was heavily flooded in 2009. This perhaps is what the highest court en banc sought to avoid preventing a repeat of postponement. It is deemed favourable to aspiring lawyers to move the schedule of the exams since they will have more time to review and prepare. The month also corresponds to the end of the rainy season.

SC Spokesperson Midas Marquez stated that the bar venue is “negotiated every year” and that “location and accessibility” are the reasons for UST’s selection as the new Bar venue.

UST and SC already signed a contract assigning the former as the exam venue only for this year. Although the venues for the coming years are not sure, UST Faculty of Civil Law Nilo Divina stated that UST is sure to be considered a priority. Divina added that UST is prepared to cater the annual 5,000 or more examinees with its complete facilities and with the presence of the school’s own Santisimo Rosario Parish and hospital.

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