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JR Lopez Gonzales 12:56 PM 2

The year 2010 has been a fruitful year for my blogging career. I've started in April at the height of the 2010 Presidential Elections and never did I imagine that I would still continue to blog up until this point. With a schedule so jam-packed with studying law, working as a college teacher, some commitments with an international organization, and having a very beautiful girlfriend, I am pleased to have sustained my passion in writing.

Blogging for more than a year with a blog view total of more than 10,000. I've come to the conclusion that still much has to be done. In a country where "modified" Darwinism is at play (and with that I mean, the "survival of the richest"), there is a need to get to our thinking caps and do better for this country.

Having earned a degree in Political Science at Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology, it has been my continued passion to talk about the issues that affect the Filipino people. Yup, this new blog focuses on Filipino politics, current issues, history, critiques and analyses. Things that has continued to run around my brain for more than two decades.

Every thinking man's challenge is to find a way to make politics as gripping and engaging as basketball, showbiz chismis, or teleseryes. The URL of this blog is This is a portmanteau of two words, "politika", which means "politics" and "tikalon" a Hiligaynon word which refers to a showoff. Most politicians have this quality, to whom I personally call as the bloody politikalons (or the blabbering politicians).

When we, Filipinos, become politically mature, watch how Filipinos will do nothing but talk about who did what in Malacanang, or at the Supreme Court, or at the United Nations.

On this new endeavor, I've got to acknowledge some people. First and foremost, those of you who have read this blog. I hope you had a few good chuckles at made you ponder upon some things at the same time. 

To the thousands of readers, visitors, friends and fans (are there?) of my previous blog; in the Philippines and other parts of the globe, thank you. And I hope that you'd still continue reading and supporting my new space here in the Internet. Thank you for those enlightening critiques on my articles, too. Promise me that you won’t just leave this webpage and go back to playing Farmville. You are the only ones who are going to change things.

Salamat po sa mga sumusuporta at sumusubaybay.
Shoutouts to Admin Nanard Navarro of the South Cotabato Tambayan for choosing my article to win the 1st Place in the 1st SCT Blog-Writing Contest. He even included my old blog, "The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales" on his Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010. This is also humbly dedicated to my alma mater, the glorious Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology which served as my haven for six years now.

Ultimately, to all the Filipino journalists who, because of their dedication and determination, were able to bring about the news to the public. Even if it means threat to life for the sake of work and social responsibility. Maguindanao Massacre victims, you will never be forgotten.

I may be a college teacher. A law student. Yet my heart will always bleed with ink.

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2 comments A Message from the Blog Author

  1. That is very good comment you shared.Thank you so much that for you shared those things with us.Im wishing you to carry on with ur achivments.All the best.

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  2. sir, we're proud to be your student in political science at msu-iit. keep up the good work. :)


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