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» » » » » » » Pacquiao wins over Bradley via UD, reclaims WBO title

JR Lopez Gonzales 1:42 PM 0

Las Vegas, NEVADA – Manny Pacquiao redeems the WBO Welterweight title after a controversial loss two years ago to Tim Bradley in a sold-out MGM Grand minutes ago via unanimous decision minutes ago. It was Bradley’s first loss after 32 professional fights.

In the first round, it was a sizing each other up for both fighters. Bradley's quickness is apparent, hitting Pacquiao with looping bombs in the early ticks of the round. The opening was like a cat-and-mouse chase in the salvo.

In the second round, both boxers showed agility but a left straight unleashed by the Filipino boxer 1:33 shocked the Californian. Bradley was already breathing through his mouth but once again received a hard right straight with 23 seconds into the round.

In the third, Bradley turned wild in the second minute. But Pacquiao rope-a-doped in the second half of the round clearly taking control of the mat. In the fourth bell, Bradley threw body shots which landed on its targets. A looping right hand by Bradley landed on Pacquiao’s face 1:20 into the round but the latter remained unfazed.

In the fifth, Bradley was caught in the ropes in the opening bell. About 1:21 in the round, the Filipino champion hit Bradley with a straight. In 1:07 Bradley turned aggressive and hit Pacquiao a couple of times from upstairs  55 seconds into the round.

In the sixth round, Bradley seemed to play around. Manny unleashed a lot of punches while the right hook of the American slugger sporadically lands on Pacquiao’s cheek. In the middle of the round, Pacquiao was able to a unload a flurry of hard shots before the round ended.

In the seventh round, it was an aggressive start for Bradley but he caught a right bomb in 2:07. Bradley showed his cocky side but received a vicious right once again with 59 seconds left in the round. Bradley started to dodge the challenger’s punches and showed a little grogginess with 40 seconds remaining.

In the eighth, welts on the left cheek of Bradley started to show up due to the accumulation of punches he received. But instead of going toe-to-toe, he showboats and teases the Filipino boxer. In the ninth round, Bradley started aggressive once again at the bell. Bradley successfully landed a left-right combination with 2:42 on the clock. With 2 minutes left in the ninth, the “Desert Storm” was off-balanced when he threw a left hook. Pacquiao once again unleashed a series of punches when he caught Bradley in the ropes.
In the tenth, wild shots are once again released by the younger fighter but it seemed that he was sloppy in landing his targets. Pacquiao continued to stalk and land voluminous punches until the closing of the round.

In the eleventh round, the Filipino pugilist landed a couple of straights leaving the undefeated fighter to clinch with 2:20 in the round. A hard right was landed by the fighting congressman with 1:50 ticks remaining. Bradley continued to backpedal until the end of the eleventh.

In the twelfth round, a hard left was unleashed by Pacquiao followed by cleaner shots to the left cheek of the champion. Bradley switched to counter-puncher with two minutes left. With 1:45, a hard left straight once again landed on Bradley’s face but the latter was able to counter with a left cross 40 seconds until the match’s conclusion. There was an accidental head-butt with 15 seconds left which left a gash on the upper left eyebrow of Pacquiao.

It was a more definitive match with the judges scoring 116-112, 116-112, 118-110, in favor of the Filipino fighter. Manny Pacquiao improves his record to 56 wins (38 via knockout), 5 losses and 2 no contests.

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